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  • Invoice Form Invoice Form What is an Invoice Form? The printable invoice form provides information about the product that is being imported or exported. The document usually includes information about the destination, manufacturer, recipient and Harmonized system codes for these goods. This invoice form template would fit almost any business requirements because it's universal and can be easily customized with PDFLiner editor tools. What I need the Invoice Form Template for? The printable blank invoice form is used by persons or businesses transporting goods to other countries as a customs declaration. The declaration may be accompanied by a number of additional documents. Their need is determined in each case individually, depending on the type of products the company or person transports. Filling out the Invoice Template To complete the blank Invoice Form, you have to state the name of the unit, their quantity, provide the description, unit price and amount. Organizations that work with Invoice Form PDF The form is required by the destination inquiry. Relevant to online Invoice Form Documents Oil Change Invoice Template Auto Repair Mechanic Invoice Template Towing Invoice Template Catering Invoice Template
  • FedEx M-1054 FedEx M-1054 What Is a FedEx M-1054 Form? The FedEx M-1054 form is a Customs Declaration Form used by individuals or companies shipping goods internationally via FedEx. This form is necessary for any shipment that includes merchandise or goods that exceed the value of $2,500 or require a license or permit. The M-1054 FedEx international commercial invoice form is used to declare the contents of a shipment to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. How To Fill Out the FedEx M-1054 Form Online Filling out the FedEx commercial invoice pdf form online is a straightforward process. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to complete the form: Access the PDFliner website: To start, you need to visit the PDFliner website. Find and Get a Copy of the Form: PDFliner site provides a wide variety of different form templates for different situations and also a FedEx commercial invoice form template. Fill Out the M-1054 Form: After you find a commercial invoice form FedEx, you ought to download or open it online. Then, fill out the form with the necessary information, such as the sender's and recipient's name and address, a detailed description of the contents, and the total value of the items being shipped. Review the Form: Double-check that the M-1054 FedEx invoice template form is completed correctly and correct any errors. Submit the Form: After filling out the form, review it to ensure that all the information is correct. Once you are satisfied with the form, submit it. FedEx will then send the completed form to the CBP on your behalf. What Should the FedEx M-1054 Form Include The M-1054 FedEx commerical invoice form is crucial when shipping goods internationally. The form should include specific information to ensure that your shipment clears customs and arrives at its destination without any issues. Below are some of the details that you ought to include in the form: Sender and Recipient Information: The M-1054 FedEx customs form should include the name, address, and contact information of both the sender and the recipient. Shipment Description: A detailed description of the shipment's contents should be provided. This includes the type of product, the quantity, and the value of each item. Harmonized System (HS) Code: The HS code is a unique code that is used to classify goods being shipped internationally. You should include the HS code of each item in your shipment. Total Value of the Shipment: The total value of the shipment should be listed on the M-1054 form. This value should include the total value of all the items being shipped. When to Request the FedEx M-1054 Form There are specific situations when you need to request the FedEx M-1054 invoice template form. Below are some scenarios when the form is required: Shipment of Merchandise Worth Over $2,500: If you ship merchandise worth over $2,500 internationally, you must complete the M-1054 form. This is necessary to comply with the regulations of the CBP. Shipment of Goods Requiring a License or Permit: Certain goods, such as firearms, alcohol, and tobacco, require a license or permit before they can be shipped internationally. If you are shipping such items, you will need to fill out the M-1054 form. Customs Clearance Delay: If your shipment is held up in customs, you may be required to complete the M-1054 form to clear the goods.
  • Form 990 Form 990 What Is Form 990? The 990 form is called Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax. It is widely used by section 527 political organizations, nonexempt charitable trusts, and tax-exempt institutions. The form includes information on the taxes, an overview of the organization’s life and activities, and must be sent directly to the IRS.  What Do I Need Form 990 For? You might need to fill out the form for: Information for the government. The fillable form is required by the IRS 6033 section on the tax-exempt organizations. Provide the information on the organization’s activity to the officials; Information on your yearly accomplishments so that the IRS would continue to count your organization as suitable for tax exemption. To prove you are worthy, describe the activities the organization was engaged in. How to Fill Out Form 990? This form is printable. You will find it free of charge available on PDFLiner. You can also fill it online and send it to the IRS after checking the form. It comes with attachments, so add supporting documents for Part IV if there are any. There are several sections you have to file: Provide information on the organization, including name, address, EIN, and phone. Part I requires a summary of the organization’s activity, including its mission and all the events. Part II is a signature block that contains the officer’s and preparer’s signatures, dates, and names. Part III includes a statement of the program’s accomplishments with a description of the organization’s mission. Part IV is for the required schedules. You have to put the tick in the rights box near the statements and attach the documents if they are required. Part V is for the other IRS filings you provide and the compliance of taxes. Read the statements and put ticks in the boxes. Part VI is for the information on management, governance, and disclosure of activities. Part VIII is for employees’ compensation data. Part VIII is a statement of revenue. Part IX is for functional expenses. Parts X, XI, XII are for the balance and finances. Organizations That Work with Form 990 The IRS; Tax-exempt organizations. IRS Form 990 Resources https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f990.pdf https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/about-form-990
  • Form 990 (2021) Form 990 (2021) Form 990 (2021) ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Form 1040-SR Form 1040-SR What is the 1040-SR form 2022? This document is used for the adults (65 years old or higher) to file their taxes through the IRS system to report other sources of income. One can download the 1040-SR blank PDF form for free from the PDFLiner and print it later, or fill it out online. What I need the printable 1040-SR form for? You need to send this form in case if you have the following additional sources of income: Social security. Investments. Distributions from qualified retirement plans and others. Eligible taxpayers may use this form when they want the standard deduction or the itemized one. 1040-SR includes a chart listing the standard deduction to make it easier to calculate it. The 1040-SR form online is a very simple one to fill out, as there are many tips there on how to make exact calculations and what to input in a particular line. We also have a complete guide on how to fill out form 1040-SR. Organizations that work with IRS tax form 1040-SR Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service IRS Form 1040 SR Resources Download blank 1040-SR 1040-SR Instructions How to get Form 1040-SR How to sign Form 1040-SR Relevant to Form 1040-SR Documents Printable Form 1040-SR 2020 Fillable Form 1040 Fillable Schedule C (Form 1040) NR 1040 form Form 1040 EZ NR IRS Form 1040 Schedule H IRS 3520 Form 1120 Form Tax
  • Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Wells Fargo Wire Transfer What Is a Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Form? A Wells Fargo wire transfer form is a document used to initiate the process of sending money electronically from one account to another. This form is used to provide Wells Fargo with the necessary information to initiate the transfer of funds. Wire transfers are a fast and secure way to transfer money, and they are often used when a large sum of money needs to be transferred quickly. How To Fill Out the Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Online Filling out a Wells Fargo online wire transfer template form is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few easy steps. Here's how: Visit the PDFliner website which offers a wide range of various form templates for different situations and get a copy of the Wells Fargo international wire transfer form. Read Wells Fargo wire transfer instructions carefully. Select the account you want to transfer money from and the account you want to transfer money to. Enter the amount you want to transfer and select the currency. Fill out the recipient's name, address, and account number. Select the payment type and delivery method. Review the details of your transfer and, if all is okay confirm the transaction. What Should the Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Include When filling out the Wells Fargo wire transfer form, there are several pieces of information that you should include to ensure that the transfer goes smoothly. Here are some of the things that your Wells Fargo wire transfer should include: Your personal information: This includes your name, address, phone number, and email address. This information is necessary so that Wells Fargo can contact you if there are any issues with your transfer. The recipient's information: This includes the recipient's name, address, phone number, and bank account information. Make sure that you double-check this information to ensure that it is accurate, as mistakes can lead to delays or even lost funds. The amount of money you want to transfer: Make sure you enter the correct amount you want to transfer. Once the transfer is initiated, it cannot be canceled or changed, so accuracy is crucial. The payment type and delivery method: Wells Fargo offers several payment types and delivery methods, including same-day delivery and next-day delivery. Make sure that you select the payment type and delivery method that is most appropriate for your needs. When to Request the Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Form There are several situations in which you ought to request Wells Fargo wire transfer template form. Here are some examples: Sending money to a family member or friend: If you need to send money to a family member or friend quickly and securely, a wire transfer may be the best option. In this case, you would need to request a Wells Fargo wire transfer form to initiate the transfer. Paying bills: If you need to make a payment to a company or service provider quickly, a wire transfer may be an option. For example, if you need to pay your rent or utility bill and you don't have time to send a check, a wire transfer may be the fastest and most secure way to make the payment. Making large purchases: A wire transfer may be necessary if you need to make a large purchase, such as a car or a piece of real estate. In this case, you would need to request a Wells Fargo wire transfer form to transfer the funds to the seller. Business transactions: A wire transfer may be the best option if you are a business owner and need to transfer funds to a supplier or vendor. In this case, you would need to request a Wells Fargo wire transfer form to initiate the transfer.
  • Tennessee Affidavit Template Tennessee Affidavit Template What Is a Tennessee Affidavit Template Form? A Tennessee affidavit template form is a legal document used in the state of Tennessee to verify facts or statements made by an individual under oath. It is a written statement made voluntarily by an affiant who swears to the truthfulness of the information provided in the document. The affidavit template form can be used in a variety of legal situations, including in court proceedings, in the application for a marriage license, or in the transfer of property. How To Fill Out the Tennessee Affidavit Template Online If you need to fill out an affidavit of heirship Tennessee pdf form online, you can do it online using various tools available. Here are the steps to follow: Visit the PDFliner website. Find the Tennessee affidavit of heirship form template from the library. Download the form on your device or open it online. Read the instructions carefully to understand the requirements. Enter the required information in the fields provided, including your name, address, and contact information. Review the information entered to ensure it is accurate and complete. Sign the affidavit of heirship Tennessee electronically using a digital signature or print it out and sign it in ink. Have the document notarized by a notary public if required. Save a copy of the completed affidavit for your records. What Should the Tennessee Affidavit Template Include The Tennessee affidavit template form should include the following information: The heading. The affiant's full legal name and address. The date and location where the affidavit was signed. A statement attesting to the truthfulness of the information provided. A description of the facts or statements being affirmed. A section for the affiant's signature and the date signed. A notary public section for notarization. Remember that the contents of the affidavit may vary depending on the purpose and situation for which it is being used. For instance, an affidavit used in a court proceeding may require more detailed information about the facts being attested to, while an affidavit for a marriage license may only need basic personal information about the affiant. When to Request the Tennessee Affidavit Template Form There are numerous situations where you ought to request a Tennessee affidavit template form, including: Legal Proceedings: You may need to submit an affidavit as evidence in a court case, either as part of your case or in response to a legal challenge. Name Change: If you are changing your name, you may need to submit an affidavit stating your intent and the reasons for the change. Marriage License: When applying for a marriage license, both parties may need to submit an affidavit to affirm their eligibility to marry. Real Estate Transactions: If you are involved in a real estate transaction, you may need to submit an affidavit to verify information about the property, such as the seller's ownership and any liens or encumbrances on the property. Financial Transactions: In some financial transactions, such as applying for a loan, you may need to submit an affidavit to verify information about your income, assets, or other financial details.
  • Singer Invoice Template Singer Invoice Template How to Find a Fillable Singer Invoice Template? Use PDFLiner forms catalog to obtain your form. To get the form Either hit the "Fill this form" button or do the steps below: Enter our main page. Find the search bar and enter the “Singer Invoice Template”. Pick the form and push the blue button. That's it your printable PDF is ready to be completed. Filling Out a Singer Invoice Template Online Filling out the document is easy with PDFLiner, so you can just relax and follow the flow. Just follow the instructions below: Push the blue button to create your copy of the document. Fill out the first fillable field. Move to the following field by clicking Alt or picking it with a Left Click. Fill out all the fields and add your signature if needed. To save as PDF, print or share your file click the "Done" button. To sum up, the filling out a form task is a piece of cake. And in case you don't see any fillable fields, check out the toolbar and add text, signature or date to your PDF. There is also a feature that lets you add new fields to a PDF. Click "Add Fields" to access the mode. By picking pdfliner.com online PDF editing tool, you can easily edit in your Singer Invoice Template everything that it instructs, add new fields, invite someone to contribute to it, protect with e-sign in the twinkling of an eye, and hold all your files in our cloud, so you would have access to them even without your PC.
  • Virtual Assistant Invoice Template Virtual Assistant Invoice Template What Is a Virtual Assistant Invoice Template Form? A virtual assistant invoice template is a pre-formatted document that enables virtual assistants to bill their clients for services rendered. The template usually contains all the essential details that a client requires for the billing process to be completed, such as the service provider's name, address, phone number, email address, and the services provided. A virtual assistant invoice template helps streamline the billing process and ensures that all relevant information is included. Also, simple virtual assistant billing invoice helps virtual assistants maintain a professional image and build client trust. How To Fill Out a Virtual Assistant Invoice Template Online Filling out a template invoice for virtual assistant services online is a straightforward process. Here are the steps you can follow: Find a reputable invoice template on the PDFliner website. Open the virtual assistant invoice template. Enter your name and contact information. Enter the client's name and contact information. Fill in the date of the invoice. Add a unique invoice number. Enter the details of the services provided, including the description of the service, the rate per hour or project, and the total amount due. Include any discounts, taxes, or other fees in the appropriate fields. Add any notes or comments regarding the invoice in the "Notes" field. Double-check all the details in the invoice to ensure accuracy. Save the virtual assistant invoice template and send it to the client. What Should the Virtual Assistant Invoice Template Include A virtual assistant invoice template form should include the following essential elements: Header: contain the virtual assistant's name, business name (if any), address, phone number, email address, and website (if any). To: include the client's name, address, phone number, and email address. Date: included to indicate when the invoice was created. Invoice #: invoice number is essential for tracking purposes and should be unique for each invoice. Description of Services: include a detailed description of the services provided. Rate: rate charged per hour or project should be specified. Total Amount Due: total amount due should be calculated based on the services provided and the rate charged. Discounts, Taxes, and Other Fees: any discounts, taxes, or other fees should be included in the appropriate fields. Notes: add any additional comments or notes regarding the invoice. When to Request a Virtual Assistant Invoice Template? As a virtual assistant, it is essential to request a virtual assistant invoice template when you need to bill a client for services rendered. It is recommended to send the invoice promptly after completing the work to ensure timely payment. Clients may also request a virtual assistant invoice template to ensure that all the necessary details are included in the invoice. In this case, it is important to choose a reputable invoice template provider that offers high-quality and customizable templates to meet your needs.
  • Veterinary Invoice Template Veterinary Invoice Template How to Find a Fillable ? You can find the blank file in PDFLiner forms library. Push the blue button to load the editor, or proceed with the guide below: Sign In to your account. Write “” in the search. Click the "Fill Online" button next to the form. This is how you get a printable PDF. How Can I Fill Out a Fillable ? PDFLiner is a very intuitive editor, so you shouldn't be worried about the form filling. All you need to do is proceed with the guide: Load the document in the editor by clicking the "Fill this form" button. Start by writing a requested information in the first text field. Go to the next field. Finish the form and sign your document. Push the “Done” button to save your document. As it has been pointed out, the procedure is quick and easy. When there are no ready-to-fill fields, you would need to check out the instruments from upper toolbar. There are the "Add text","Add cross", "Add date" and other handy tools. There is also a feature that lets you add new fields to a PDF. Click "Add Fields" to access the mode. By choosing PDFLiner PDF editing and managing solution, you may edit in your everything that it demands, add fillable fields if needed, co-edit it with your client or a friend, protect with e-sign in a couple of clicks, and save your PDFs in the cloud storage, so that you can edit them even when you are not at your desk.
  • Truck Repair Invoice Template Truck Repair Invoice Template Obtain a Fillable Truck Repair Invoice Template You can find the blank file in PDFLiner forms library. Push the blue button to load the editor, or proceed with the guide below: Enter our main page. In the Search for Documents tab type the “Truck Repair Invoice Template”. Obtain form by clicking the "Fill Online" button next to the name. This is how you get a printable PDF. How to Edit a Fillable Truck Repair Invoice Template PDFLiner is a user-friendly PDF editor, so you shouldn't have difficulties with the filling process. Simply follow the steps: Enter the Truck Repair Invoice Template in the editor. Choose the first field by clicking on it and begin to write the info. Go to the next field. Add all the info and sign form if needed. Once edited your PDF hit the "Done" button. To conclude, the process of filling out a form is quick and easy. And in case you don't see any fillable fields, look into the upper toolbar to edit your PDF. Add new fillable fields to your document with the “Add Fields” mode. By settling on pdfliner online document editing and managing tool, you may line up the editing that Truck Repair Invoice Template directs, make PDF fillable, grant access to co-editing it, draw a signature in a flash, and collect all your files in our cloud, so you can access them even on a go.
  • Transcriptionist Invoice Template Transcriptionist Invoice Template How to Get a Fillable Transcriptionist Invoice Template? The document is ready for you to acquire at the PDFLiner library. The fastest way to get the form is by clicking "Fill this form" button on this page, but in case you'll need the form letter, follow these steps: Go to PDFLiner and log in. Paste the “Transcriptionist Invoice Template” in the search tab. Click the "Fill Online" button next to the form. Now when you have the form you can proceed to the filling process. Filling Out Printable Transcriptionist Invoice Template: Simple Guide PDFLiner is a user-friendly PDF editor, so you shouldn't be concerned about completing your form. To fill out the form complete the steps below: Push the blue button to create your copy of the document. Pick the first field and start writing the requested info. Move to the following field by clicking Alt or picking it with a Left Click. Fill out the form and e-sign it. Once you're all set click the "Done" button. As it might be seen, filling is very undemanding with PDFLiner. On the occasion when the file has no fields, you should check out the tools from upper panel. There are the "Add text","Add date", "Add sign" and many other useful tools. Use the “Add Fields” mode to add new or modify the existing fillable fields. With PDFLINER PDF editor and document management tool, you'll be able to line up the editing that Transcriptionist Invoice Template needs, control the fields settings, invite someone to contribute to it, forge an electronic signature in the twinkling of an eye, and collect all your files in our cloud, so you would have access to them anywhere you need.
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What Are Accounting Templates?

Financial reports, reconciliations, invoices, budgets, and more are all that accountants have to deal with literally every day. A small business accounting template can help you with all these difficult tasks. Our site has a collection of over 300 accounting templates PDF that you can use to create a paperless workflow in your workplace. With their help, you can speed up the collection and processing of information, as well as simplify its storage. Also, using our forms helps to unify work processes, adhere to generally accepted standards of quality and structure, and reduce the number of errors.

What Are the Accounting Templates Used For?

In short, accounting templates are used to perform various accounting tasks. The purpose of such forms can be different: from tax reports of self-employed people to the annual budgets of corporations. They can be used both to provide information about activities to higher authorities, such as the IRS, and to obtain data for internal work. You can customize templates by including additional fields and pages or, conversely, by removing unnecessary blocks in the current situation. With these ready-made forms, you can speed up workflows and improve communication between departments. Considering the volume of documents accountants have to deal with, templates are essential tools in their work.

Types of Accounting Templates

In the PDFLiner collection, accountants, bookkeepers, small business owners, and freelancers can find various categories of free accounting templates for any case. The choice of specific blank accounting forms depends on the task assigned to you and the business characteristics. Among the most common forms are the following:

  • Balance sheets. It is perhaps one of the most critical accounting documents that help to calculate assets, liabilities, and capital. That is, it shows the current financial condition of an object.
  • Cash flow. If the previous template reflects static data, then this one shows the direction of finance movements: expenses and income. Based on this kind of form, financial plans for the next month, six months, and even a year can be drawn up.
  • Income statement. This template allows you to get deep insights into all your acquisitions so you can decide how to grow your business.

Other less popular but still regularly used accounting templates include forms for inventory, tracking receivables, and controlling payrolls, as well as forms for use in specialized bookkeeping software.

What Should Be Included in Accounting Templates?

The content of an accounting contract template may differ depending on what exactly you will use it for. As a rule, the first thing that should be entered on the form is information about the business. Whether you issue an invoice or prepare a tax return, recipients need to know which company you’re talking about. Usually, these are the owners’ names, company names, contact details, addresses, IDs, and more.

Other data may vary greatly depending on the template type. Most often, the forms ask for financial information about companies, such as a list of income, expenses, assets, and so on. Based on such data, budgets and development plans for subsequent periods are created.

Another type of information required is customer and order data. It can be the contact details of your clients, goods and services provided, invoices issued and their amounts, and much more. With these templates, you can track your customer accounts, monitor receipts and debts, and report earnings to the tax office.

The third data category is information about your employees: names and contact details, salary, bonuses, hours worked, tax credits, etc. All this allows you to monitor the performance of each individual worker and the entire team. Besides, employers are required to pay taxes for officially employed persons; tax documents are compiled based on the listed personal data.

How to Create Accounting Templates: Step by Step

Use our ready-made forms if they fully suit your needs, or make your own accounting template that is perfect for the current situation. The PDFLiner editor simplifies the work with forms, allowing you to fill in all the fields in a matter of minutes, or generate a new document from scratch. If you’d rather build templates yourself, here’s how to do it with PDFLiner:

  1. First, decide on the list of information you need. Think over all the details to create the perfect blank.
  2. Open the editor and select the “Create New” option to start working on a new document.
  3. Tap “Upload PDF” and pick any file you want to use as a base template.
  4. After uploading the document, start editing: add text, insert symbols and pictures, strike out or white out unnecessary elements, and so on.
  5. When you’re done with the template, save it to your device or your account’s cloud.

The document generated in this way can be reused as much as you need and sent to recipients in a couple of clicks.

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