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What Is a Petty Cash Log Template?

A Petty Cash Log Sheet template is an important document for anyone who needs to record their financial information. It is widely used in business when you need to track the money paid for some small services or goods. You can use a Petty Cash Log free template to keep track of a little sum of money you keep on the premises in the container.

The document allows listing all the cash you receive from clients if you work without an electronic register. You might need to use the template to calculate the money if you work on different fairs and don’t have enough time to go back to your office. Another option is to check your employees and ask them to provide this list for the store and fill it out every day with the cash that clients paid with. Many business owners keep the register of money the company receives in cash. Moreover, you can easily track withdrawals, deposits, and even receipts from the services provided. It will help you to analyze your business and improve its productivity.

What Do I Need the Petty Cash Log Template For?

  • You need a printable Petty Cash Log template to register a small amount of money you keep in your organization for different services. This helps to count the money you have on minor expenditures like coffee, change for customers, or the cash that is paid to a client;
  • The company requires this form to keep the expenses on track and easily calculate the spending. Since you don’t register it in your bank account, you have to use the form to keep track of the money.

How to Fill Out the Petty Cash Log Template?

You can find a free printable Petty Cash Log template here, on the PDFLiner. You need to enter the form to start editing it. If you want, you can print the empty form or the already filled one. You can edit it online and save it on your device. It is simple to fill in the numbers you have. Here is what you need to include in the Petty Cash Log template PDF:

  1. Write down the current month when you calculate the banknotes.
  2. Include the date in the form. It will change based on the time when you bring new cash to the register.
  3. Describe details about the money you calculate.
  4. Calculate the cash in and out, as well as the total balance.
  5. Include the total cash left number, float, less total money left, and sum.

Organizations That Work With Petty Cash Log Template

Any business in the US that deals with petty cash.

Fillable online Petty Cash Log
(4.9 / 5) 85 votes
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