41 Missouri State Tax Forms

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What are Missouri State Tax Forms?

Missouri state tax forms were created by the Missouri Department of Revenue for taxpayers who are connected to the state. They can be either locals who work in the state, nonresidents who work there, or nonresidents who own the property on the territory. No matter what you do in the state, Missouri offers you the standard blank you need to fill. It looks almost similar to the federal forms you need to fill, but with numerous local adjustments.
PDFLiner gathered over 80 different tax-related templates from Missouri. All these state of Missouri tax forms are updated and ready for you to fill out. Each of them has a specific deadline and address to send it to.

Most Popular Missouri State Tax Forms

Based on Missouri state tax forms 2022 you need to gather your own collection. All the documents are downloadable and you can begin gathering them right after you find out which one you have to use. However, you have to make sure that the form has the appropriate year on it and was updated by Missouri State before you start anything. Here are the most popular options for you:

  • Form MO-1040. You can be familiar with the form if you have ever filled federal form 1040 before. The form contains similar sections that must be filled plus new ones developed by Missouri officials. It is called Individual Income Tax Return. It is one of the basic Missouri state income tax forms you have to use to report the gross income, and information about you and your spouse. You have to include data on the Missouri adjusted gross income, tax income, pension, and social security.
  • Form MO-1040ES. This form is rather a Declaration of Estimated Tax for Individuals. You need to print this form before you fill it out. There are strict instructions provided by the department which you have to follow. Start with the social security number that you indicated in your tax return form already. More to the spouse’s number. Provide name and address. Now you have to calculate the amount you paid and detach the payment voucher from the document.
  • Form MO-PTS. This is the Missouri Property Tax Credit Schedule. It can be sent to the Missouri Department of Revenue only together with form MO-1040, which is your individual tax income report. Pay attention to the demand of the department to leave some sections empty for them. Mention there the security number of you and your spouse, address, and names. Indicate qualifications for the claim.
  • Form MO-1040V. This is an Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher. This is one of the Missouri state IRS tax forms you have to provide with the payment in check if you don’t send it with your income tax return for some reason. You may find similarities with vouchers you usually send to the utility, loan, and even credit card payments. This form is needed to make sure that your documents will be treated with more accuracy.
  • Form MO-1065. You need to use the Partnership Return of Income at the end of the year. Include federal employer ID and Missouri tax ID. Provide the information about the partnership, address, and describe the company that is being taxed.

Where To Get Missouri State Income Tax Forms?

You can always download Missouri state tax forms on PDFLiner, fill it out online, or print it if you need to complete the document in the old-fashioned paper and ink way. There is no limitation to your possibilities since you have all the tools to complete sections. You may also find these documents on the official website of the Missouri government but there are no editing tools you can use. Go to the PDFLiner and follow the next steps:

  1. Read the descriptions of the forms and pick the one you need.
  2. Click on the form’s icon Fill Online.
  3. Wait till the form is opened and edit it.
  4. Sign the form if you need to use e-signature and send it to the officials.


  • Where to send Missouri state tax forms?

    Missouri officials usually provide a specific address for the form within it. You will find the electronic address of their website of the PO Box based on the form and its purpose. Forms that must be sent to employers or other third parties require your personal knowledge of address.

  • Can I email my Missouri state tax return?

    It depends on the form you pick. If you are not sure and you can’t find the information about it in the form, it is better to contact the Department's representatives via the official website. They will answer your question as soon as possible.

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