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All You Need to Know About W-9 Form in 2023

All business entities that order your services have to report that income, as well. That's where fillable W-9 form comes into play.

Here, we added a printable W-9 blank, so you can easily fill it out online, print, send by email, or download.

In order to complete template with PDFLiner, you should click the “Fill this form” button to open a blank and follow the instructions below. Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes to enter needed information because a file already contains all fillable fields.

What is a W 9 Form?

The purpose of the tax form W 9 is very clear: it serves to provide your US tax ID (also referred to as Taxpayer Identification Number) to an individual, a bank, or any other financial entity, granting them the possibility to report specific details about you, e.g., the money you've earned from them, certain real estate payment data, interest, etc. Now you know what is a W9 form.

How Should I Submit a W 9 IRS Forms?

Submitting this document is a cakewalk. Just send completed file to the individual or business/financial entity that requests it. In the majority of cases, they will save the filled out document in their records until it is necessary during their annual tax record processing.

How to Fill Out a W-9 Online? – Step-by-step Guide

Filled W 9 example

Step 1: Type your name in the box 1.

Step 2: If you work under a different name, type that one as well in the box 2.

Step 3: Indicate the type of business you own using one of the checkboxes in the box 3.

Step 4: Type full address using boxes 5 and 6.

Step 5: If you quilify for any of the exemptions, provide the information in the box 4. See IRS Instructions to find out more about exemption codes.

Step 6: Enter your Taxpayer Identification Number in the Part 1.

Step 7: Indicate the current date.

Step 8: Provide your signature;

Step 9: Click the “Done” button to print or download file.

IRS PDF Form W-9 Resources

How to Sign a W-9 Blank Online?

Use PDFLiner to sign blank online. The procedure is quick and simple, and an e-signature is accepted by Internal Revenue Service. Follow the next instructions:

Step 1: Push on "Sign Field" at the end of the blank.

Adding signature to W-9 form
Step 2: Pick one of your saved signatures or press "Add new signature" button.

Step 3: Create your signature using one of 3 methods.

Signature wizard and ways to sign W-9 with PDFLiner
Step 4: Click a "Sign" button.

Step 5: Your signature will appear in the Sign Field.

Signed W-9 PDF

Form Versions

2017 Fillable Form W-9 for 2017 tax year Fill Out Form

What You Should Know About This Online PDF W9 Form

  • How to save fillable W9 as PDF?
    1. Double-check the correctness of data you entered;
    2. Make sure all the boxes on Page 1 of the blank are filled;
    3. Push red Done button in the upper right corner of the PDF editor;
    4. In pop-up window, choose needed option.
  • How do I download a W-9 tax PDF form?
    1. Fill template if you want to download a complete version;
    2. Press the red “Done” button in the upper right corner of PDFLiner editor;
    3. Click on PDF or JPG icons in pop-up window. 

    You can also print a file directly from the website to fill it by hand and submit by mail. Still, it’s much easier to do it with online tools we provide in free PDF editor.

  • How to add a date in printable W-9?

    1. Search for W-9 on PDFLiner or simply open it here;
    2. Scroll down to Part II of the document;
    3. Click on the date box (highlighted with blue color);
    4. Select the needed date from pop-up calendar window.

  • How can I get IRS W 9 form for free?

    The latest version of this federal tax form is available on our website. We have a comprehensive database of tax document templates and provide all needed tools for filling and submitting them properly. You can also benefit from team collaboration features, helpful tips, document export, and unbreachable data encryption.

  • How to print a PDF W-9 template?
    • Fill out the document with PDFLiner;
    • Press the Done button in the upper right corner;
    • Choose a Print option;
    • Pick a destination printer;
    • Push the Print button.
  • When am I exempt from filling out a W9?

    There are several exemptions. Yet, there is a chance you may leave the boxes blank. Here they are:

    • You have to enter the code in “Exempt payee code” box if you exempt from backup withholding;
    • You have to enter the code in “Exemption from FATCA reporting code” box if you are a payee that is exempted from the reporting by Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.
  • When are you required to complete IRS W9 Form?

    You might have to complete this document if:

    • You're self-employed and intend to receive over $600 from one individual or company within the current tax year.
    • You register with a new bank, and they need you to provide the W-9.
    • You deposit money into a bank account or invest in another financial entity, and they require you to provide the blank.
  • When to avoid sending a W-9 Form?

    Avoid Sending Someone a W-9 if:

    • they're not a customer;
    • they're not from your bank;
    • they're not from any entity your financial affairs are related to.

    The thing is, sending your personal data (such as your Social Security Number) to someone unknown and, therefore, unreliable is risky. Scammers may send you W-9s to trick you into revealing your SSN.

    Therefore, if you're on the fence about whether you should fill out a file or not, ask sender which tax forms they intend to return to you once complete it. Do they refuse to give you that information? Discuss it with a tax specialist first. Better safe than sorry.

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    I’m happy there’s no need to search for the forms I need anywhere else since PDFLiner has all possible tax forms. I often use this editor for work, and I find it especially helpful to pre-fill a blank W-9 form and send it to contractors. Now I can get their signature and TIN in just a few minutes. I’ve also filled out other forms on PDFLiner for my personal needs, and I’m completely satisfied with the service.
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    As a freelancer, I'm frequently requested to fill out a printable W-9 form. It would take too much time to complete the PDF form manually. Luckily, PDFLiner provides the option to save the W-9 form in my account. Now I can download and send a completed document any time I need it. Thank you, developers, for a convenient tool!
  • Grace Donaldson
    Tax Consultant
    Working with clients requires paying precise attention to details, especially if they should fill out the form correctly, and you’re the one who consults them. The PDFLiner editor has become a life-saver for me. I can leave marks and comments in the fillable W-9 form so that people can see where there is a mistake and what exactly they should correct. Now I can’t imagine my work without PDFLiner.
Fillable online W-9 Form
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