15 Colorado Tax Forms

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What are Colorado Tax Forms?

Colorado tax forms are made for taxpayers who live and work in Colorado State. The forms have multiple similarities with federal tax forms but are provided by local authorities. The Colorado Department of Revenue usually accepts these documents from taxpayers in order to keep track of the income and taxes that must be paid.

PDFLiner contains numerous different state of Colorado tax forms related to income. The library is constantly growing. You will find any template you need there from the wage withholding tax return to the monthly report of the excise tax for alcoholic beverages. There are forms for individuals and corporations. They all are official and must be sent by the deadline indicated in each form.

Most Popular Colorado Tax Forms

There are 35 Colorado income tax forms on PDFLiner dedicated to specific cases. If you need one of them and you know which one, simply use the search bar. However, if you don’t know which tax form you need, don’t worry, you will find a detailed description for everyone. Here is the list of the most demanded Colorado department of revenue tax forms by users. Maybe you will find what you need among them:

  • Form W-2. This is a Colorado Wage Withholding Tax Return form made for any employer who works in Colorado and has employees. This employer needs to provide the exact numbers on the taxes withheld from each worker. Colorado income taxes must be calculated with the help of Colorado Income Tax Withholding Tables for Employers. You have to provide the numbers at the end of the year, till the deadline. There is a similar W-2 Wage and Tax Statement you have to send to the IRS.
  • Form 104X. The document is known as the Amended Colorado Individual Income Tax Return. You can use this form right after the 104 form if you need to fix mistakes you’ve made there. You have to indicate the year in the form. Among Colorado state income tax forms you definitely need this one to keep close, since you may always be required to make corrections.  The Colorado Department of Revenue offers you to send this template electronically to them. The document must be filed with attachments, including all the documents that were sent during the original report.
  • Corporate Income Tax form. A corporation that resides in Colorado needs to pay a specific amount of money if it expects to see profit and its possible net tax liability can teach and even exceed $5,000 for the next year. In this case, there are rules for the taxes on the income that the corporation has to pay. The template was created by the Colorado Department of Revenue to help corporations to calculate their taxes and make sure they are paying the exact amount that is expected.
  • Colorado Retail Sales Tax Return. The form is widely used by retailers. It is filed for every indicated period of time even if there were no sales. Without sales, there are no taxes that can be taken. However, you need to specify this situation. Usually, the Colorado Department of Revenue requires the report for every month.
  • Form DR 0204. This is a Tax Year Ending Computation of Penalty Due Based on Underpayment of Colorado Individual Estimated Tax. If you don’t pay taxes in the arranged time, you become subject to a tax penalty. In this case, you have to provide the report.

Where to Get Colorado Tax Forms?

All Colorado state tax forms can be found on the official website of the Colorado Department of Revenue. There are numerous documents related and unrelated to the taxes, which make the search process slightly longer than you may want. Another option is to open the form on PDFLiner. This service has a neatly gathered collection of Colorado forms dedicated to taxes. Moreover, since PDFLiner is an editor, you can open any form and complete it online there, using advanced tools. Here is how you can open 2022 Colorado estimated tax forms:

  1. Find the form you were looking for there.
  2. Press the Fill Online button.
  3. When you see the page of the form, complete it.
  4. If you need, you can sign the form electronically and send it.

Where to Send Colorado State Tax Forms?

Once you complete Colorado estimated tax forms 2022 you have to send them to the address indicated in the document. Normally the Colorado Department of Revenue accepts electronic versions of the templates. You may send them online via their official website or using the electronic address provided in the form. Sometimes they require forms by regular mail, in this case, you can simply print the form and send it to the box mentioned in the instructions. If the form can be sent electronically use PDFLiner to do that. You can save the copy on your device just in case. Don’t forget to follow deadlines.

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