Form 104X Amended Colorado Individual Income Tax Return

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What is Colorado Form 104X

Before we delve into the details, it's essential to understand what the 104X form is and why it's crucial for Colorado residents. Colorado Form 104X, also recognized as the IRS Form 104X, is a document utilized by taxpayers to make amendments or corrections to a previously filed state income tax return. If you've noticed an error after submitting your taxes or need to change due to receiving new information, this form is your lifeline.

When should you use Colorado Tax Form 104X

Colorado Form 104X is the go-to form when you need to correct your Colorado state income tax return. Circumstances that might necessitate an amended return include:

  • You discover an error in your original return after it's been filed.
  • You receive additional tax documents after you've filed your taxes.
  • Changes to your federal tax return have impacted your state tax return.
  • Your filing status changes or there are changes to your income, deductions, or credits

How to Complete the Colorado Form 104X

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Completing the 104X form is not as complicated as it might initially seem. It involves providing your personal information, calculating the changes to your income, and providing a clear explanation for your amendment.

Begin by entering your name, address, and social security number at the top of the form. Next, you'll need to complete lines 1 through 27, which guide you through recalculating your Colorado net tax liability.

Remember, explaining your reasons for amending your return on line 28 is vital. This explanation helps the Colorado Department of Revenue understand why you're making changes and how you've calculated those changes.

Finally, you will sign and date your form before sending it to the Colorado Department of Revenue and any supporting documents.

Fillable online Form 104X Amended Colorado Individual Income Tax Return
(4.6 / 5) 63 votes
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