30 Maryland Tax Forms

  • Maryland Form 502CR Maryland Form 502CR What Is Maryland Form 502CR? Maryland tax form 502CR is designed for taxpayers to calculate and state the tax credits for which they are eligible. These may include credits for income taxes paid to other states, Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Credits,
  • Maryland Tax Form MW507 Maryland Tax Form MW507 What Is a Maryland Tax Form MW507? The MW507 Maryland form, also known as the Employee's Maryland Withholding Exemption Certificate, is a state income tax form. This form guides the employer on the correct amount of state income tax to withhold from e
  • Maryland Pension Exclusion Worksheet Maryland Pension Exclusion Worksheet What Is the Maryland Pension Exclusion Worksheet? The Maryland pension exclusion worksheet is a form designed to help Maryland retirees calculate the amount of their pension and eligible retirement income that can be excluded from state taxes. This Maryla
  • Maryland Form EL101 Maryland Form EL101 What is the Maryland EL101 form? Fillable Maryland EL101 form is the document that declares and authorizes electronically sent the return of the Electronic Return Organization. Download Maryland EL101 document and complete it while using the Practitioner
  • Form 500E Application for an Extension to File Corporation Income Tax Return Form 500E Application for an Extension to File Corporation Income Tax Return What Is Maryland Form 500E? The Maryland Form 500E serves as an application that grants corporations an extension of time to file their Maryland income tax return. It's crucial for businesses that need extra time beyond the April 15 deadline to ensure
  • Maryland Tax Form 515 Maryland Tax Form 515 What Is Maryland 515 Form? When tax season arrives, Maryland residents and those with income sourced from the state may find themselves fa
  • Maryland Tax Form 505NR Nonresident Income Tax Calculation Maryland Tax Form 505NR Nonresident Income Tax Calculation What Is Maryland Form 505NR? Maryland Form 505NR, also known as the Nonresident Income Tax Calculation, is a specific form utilized by nonresidents to report their Maryland source income. This form is an attachment to the Maryland Form 505, the Nonresiden
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What are Maryland Tax Forms?

Maryland tax forms are the official documents created by the state authorities for residents and nonresidents who pay taxes. There are numerous types of tax forms gathered in one place for your convenience. You don’t need to fill all of them, however, you may use some to report your income and taxes to the state. It does not mean you have to stop filing federal tax reports which look similar but don’t provide the same information to the local authorities.

PDFLiner contains over 30 different Maryland state tax forms you can complete during the tax report period. You may find their documents that allow you to notify Maryland of your pension, salary, business, or property. Each form has its own demands and deadlines.

Most Popular Maryland Tax Forms

You may already know which state of Maryland tax forms you need. You can always ask it via the website of the Maryland Department of Revenue. If you simply want to gather your personal library in advance, to make sure that all the forms are there when you need them, you may start by building the collection. Here you will see the most widely used blanks in Maryland. Check them out:

  • Form 502. This is a standard Resident Income Tax Return form. It must be filled only by Maryland residents and contain information on the fiscal year's income. You have to provide details about yourself and your spouse. Share the data on your income and taxes, including federal and state. Don’t forget to include the physical address of the taxing area in Maryland, even if you are a part-time resident of the state.
  • Form 502X. It is known as the amended tax return form. Once you fill Maryland income tax forms but now fill that you have to change the information there, you can do it by using the 503X template. This form can fix the data you’ve sent not only one year but several years ago. You can change the address, name, marital status, and the numbers you’ve provided in your previous tax report. Indicate the original number you used in the previous form and the correct one you want to include now.
  • Form 502V. This is not one of the Maryland forms but you may need it in your library as an example of how to fill tax payment vouchers. If you are a student of Virginia-Maryland University, you can use the form as well. This form comes from the neighboring state Virginia. It is called Virginia Pass-Through Entity Tax Payment Voucher. The form was created by Virginia officials and can be sent there online. All the pass-through entities have to submit the payments and returns electronically. This form teaches you how to do it.
  • Form 505. This is the Maryland-own form for anyone who does not live in the state but works there. It is called Nonresident Income Tax Return. Nonresidents have to include information about their home addresses outside the state, their income, and taxes. The form is similar to the tax report that must be filled out by Maryland residents.
  • Form 13A. You know this form as the Maryland Pension Exclusion Computation Worksheet. You can also use the 13E worksheet if you are a retired law enforcement officer, correctional officer, emergency services personnel, or fire, or rescue personnel. For other cases, you have to use this one.

Where Can You Get State Income Tax Forms For Maryland?

You will find all Maryland state income tax forms you need on the official website of the Maryland government. Among the information on the local events, new documents, and updates to numerous forms, you may find anything you need. If you want to simplify the process, use PDFLiner that already has a separate section for the tax forms from Maryland. Moreover, you can use this editor to fill out the form online. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Pick the form you need by reading its description and name.
  2. Press the Fill Online button.
  3. Complete the form once it is opened.
  4. Sign in if you need it and send it to the officials.


  • When will Maryland tax forms be available?

    Maryland forms are always available on the official website and on PDFLiner. If you are looking for the updates they usually appear close to the time when you need to fill the report. However, you can check the website once a week. Don’t miss the deadline for tax forms or you will be fined.

  • Where to file Maryland tax forms?

    Maryland officials offer two ways to send the forms. You can either send them electronically, using the website or you can send them by regular mail. Each form has its own demands and addresses mentioned by the government.

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