27 Oklahoma Tax Forms

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What are Oklahoma Tax Forms?

If you are looking for Oklahoma tax forms, you are probably a taxpayer who lives and works or a nonresident who works in Oklahoma. There are federal tax templates created by the IRS that have to be filed annually. Apart from that residents of each state have to learn the state documents they need to provide. Normally, both federal and state forms have numerous similarities. Oklahoma income tax forms are mainly created and provided by the State of Oklahoma Tax Commission.

You will find over 45 different tax forms on PDFLiner. The library is growing with the appearance of new templates. Some of these documents can be used for years, others require updated versions. Each of them has a detailed description inside.

Most Popular Oklahoma Tax Forms

Whenever you need state of Oklahoma tax forms, you have to make sure that you’ve picked the right one. This is not the simplest action since you have multiple options in front of you. Some of these templates look the same at the beginning. This is why PDFLiner has descriptions of all Oklahoma tax forms 2022 under the icons. You will be able to pick the one you need. If you know exactly which Oklahoma estimated tax payments 2022 forms are required use the search bar.

Those who just gather templates in their own library for the future can pick forms that are currently on demand. Here is the list of documents you may need as well:

  • Forms 561-F. The form is widely known as Oklahoma Capital Gain Deduction for Trusts and Estates Filing Form 513. The name says for itself that you need to send the template after you’ve sent Form 513 or together with it. You need to inform the Oklahoma state of the assets that were held for the applicable holding period of time. Form 513 does not include any capital gains and losses of Oklahoma capital, which you need to report.
  • Form EF. Among Oklahoma state income tax forms, this one is the most popular nowadays. This is the Income Tax Declaration form for Electronic Filing in Oklahoma. It goes together with forms 513-NR, 513, 512-S, 512, and 514. You don’t have to send this form to the Oklahoma Tax Commission unless it is requested, even though it was created by this department. Instead, you have to keep it to your own records. You need to include the tax return information, as well as a declaration of the partner or the officer.
  • Form 504-C. It is named Application for Extension of Time to File an Oklahoma Income Tax Return for Corporations, Partnerships, and Fiduciaries. You can use this form only if you are a representative of the corporation or other organizations mentioned above. You can’t use it as an individual taxpayer. If you represent yourself you need a 504-I form. Pay attention to the fact that this form does not offer you a delay in time for tax payment. This is one of the Oklahoma state tax forms that provide you time to prepare the document properly.
  • Form FRX 200. This is an Oklahoma Annual Franchise Tax Return. You need to indicate the FEIN of the taxpayer, the number of accounts, and the reporting period. Name the total net assets and the total gross of your business in Oklahoma. This is not the tax report, and you have to use another form for it.
  • Form OTC 998. Its name is State of Oklahoma Application for 100 percent Disabled Veterans Real Property Tax Exemption. Before you fill it out, make sure you have an updated version for this year. Provide information on the applicant and the partnership as well.

Where to Get Oklahoma Tax Forms?

You can find any documents you need online, from Oklahoma unemployment tax forms to partnerships and sales taxes. The most popular source is the official website of the Tax Commission of Oklahoma State. Yet, it is not the quickest way since you need to dig through numerous forms that can’t be related to taxes at all. If you are looking for the form you can try PDFLiner. It has a well-organized library with a description of each form. Here is what you need to do once you found Oklahoma state tax return forms on PDFLiner:

  1. Choose the document you need on the page.
  2. Press Fill Online icon there.
  3. Wait till the form is opened and complete its sections.
  4. Send the form to the other party. You may sign it electronically via PDFLiner too.


  • Where to send Oklahoma tax forms?

    You can send Oklahoma tax return forms to the Oklahoma Tax Commission if it is indicated in the form. There are detailed instructions on how and where to send them. Normally the officials prefer to receive electronic documents via email or download them online via the website. If there is a requirement to send the form by regular mail the address is included in the form.

  • Where to mail Oklahoma tax forms?

    If you are not sure where to send the form, and there is no instruction in the document, contact Oklahoma Tax Commission. Before you do that, you can check out their website. If there are no specific rules, ask the support team.

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