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Get your Equipment Release Form in 3 easy steps

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What Is an Equipment Release form?

The fillable Equipment Release form is an agreement between two parties about the liability over the equipment. After one party downloads the Equipment Release form, it is filled with the details of the proper exchange. It is a business agreement that covers all the details and responsibilities of both parties about the equipment that is released. At the same time, this form can’t be attached to the IRS tax report, except for specific cases.

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What do I need the equipment release for?

  • This form is used for clarification of agreement over the equipment that must be released from one party to another;
  • The blank is used by the owner or the employee that receives the equipment in temporal ownership;
  • The document is official and can be considered as evidence in specific cases;
  • It is not a tax form, but you can attach it to the reports if the ownership of the equipment is prolonged for some time and you have to pay for it.

How to Fill Out the Equipment Release Form?

You will find a pdf version of the document on PDFLiner. It is free of charge and does not require anything specific for you. You can download and print the form to share with another party. However, you can share a copy of the document online as well. PDFLiner helps you to create your electronic signature as well, so all you need is the Internet. The form is one page long. Fill it with the following information:

  • Name of the borrower and dept;
  • Date when the removal took place and the date when the equipment will be returned;
  • Description of the equipment and its serial number. If you borrow more than one product, you have to describe each of the items and serial numbers in separate sections;
  • Include the reason of use;
  • Put the borrower’s signature and the date;
  • Complete supervisor and purchasing authorization sections;
  • Purchasing dept. return confirmation and the actual date of return.

Equipment Release Form Template Screenshot

Organizations that work with an equipment release form

  • Organizations around the USA;
  • Courts;
  • Officials.
Fillable online Equipment Release Form
(5 / 5) 83 votes
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