9 Tennessee Tax Forms

  • Tennessee Form FAE 170 Franchise and Excise Tax Return Tennessee Form FAE 170 Franchise and Excise Tax Return What Is Form FAE170 2023 Form FAE170 is the designated document businesses in Tennessee utilize to report and remit their franchise and excise tax obligations. This form plays a crucial role in the financial and regulatory landscape of the state. For any
  • Business Tax Return (Form BUS-415) Business Tax Return (Form BUS-415) Understanding the Business Tax Return Form Known as Form BUS-415, this important document is the official business tax return form used by companies across the US. This form is undeniably integral to fulfilling tax obligations and ensuring all finances ar
  • Tennessee Form Schedule X - Franchise and Excise Tax Job Credit Computation Tennessee Form Schedule X - Franchise and Excise Tax Job Credit Computation Acquire a Printable Tennessee Form Schedule X - Franchise and Excise Tax Job Credit Computation Online There is a huge forms library at PDFLiner, so you can easily find here the needed blank form. Begin by clicking the "Fill this form" button or
  • Tennessee FAE 173 Tennessee FAE 173 Understanding the Tennessee FAE 173 The Tennessee form FAE 173, otherwise known as the franchise and excise tax return, is an essential document for businesses operating within the state of Tennessee. When it's time to file taxes, it’s important
  • Tennessee Form FAE 170 (2021) Tennessee Form FAE 170 (2021) What Is Tennessee Form FAE 170? When discussing the TN FAE 170 form, we're actually referring to the Tennessee Department of Revenue Form FAE 170. This is a mandatory document that incorporated businesses, LLCs, and partnerships must file annually. It
  • Tennessee Inheritance Tax Return (Form INH 301) Tennessee Inheritance Tax Return (Form INH 301) Understanding Your Tennessee Inheritance Tax Return One essential document you'll likely encounter when settling an estate is the Tennessee Inheritance Tax Return. Traditionally known as Form INH 301, it is brought to you by the Tennessee Department o
  • Consumer Use Tax Return SLS 452 Consumer Use Tax Return SLS 452 Understanding the Consumer Use Tax Return Form The consumer SLS 452 form provides a framework for consumers to report and pay the tax due on tangible personal property purchased outside their state but used within it. A good understanding of this form is
  • State and Local Sales and Use Tax Return (Form SLS 450) State and Local Sales and Use Tax Return (Form SLS 450) Understanding Form SLS 450 The form SLS 450 is crucial for business owners in Tennessee. Predominantly issued by the Tennessee Department of Revenue, this essential tax return document allows businesses to keep track of and accurately remit their sales an
  • Tennessee Individual Income Tax Return - INC 250 Tennessee Individual Income Tax Return - INC 250 What is the TN INC 250 form? The Tennessee Individual Income Tax Return - INC 250 form is the tax return form used by individuals to file their state income tax in Tennessee. It should be filed by anyone who has earned income in Tennessee, regardless of w
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What are Tennessee Tax Forms?

Tennessee tax forms are made for local residents or for people who work in the state. They record the income of each person and help to calculate taxes based on it. Some of the forms look similar to the federal tax templates created by the IRS. Yet, you have to provide federal forms separately to the IRS due to the indicated deadline. Tennessee tax templates were created by the Tennessee Department of Revenue and must be sent to them once they are completed.
There are over 50 tax forms from Tennessee gathered on PDFLiner. The editor’s library is increasing each time the local Department of Revenue updates or creates a new blank. You will find all Tennessee tax forms 2022 there.

Most Popular Tennessee Tax Forms

If you are lost in the forms you need to learn the specifics of each of them and understand when they are used. PDFLiner contains a brief description of each form under its image so you don’t have to open them to read it. It is better to learn which blank you need to send before the deadline so you would not be fined. If you know what you are looking for, use the search bar to quickly get to the form. However, if you are just wondering around, here is the list of the most popular Tennessee income tax forms on PDFLiner that may inspire you:

  • Form INC 250.  This form is known as the Tennessee Department of Revenue Individual Income Tax Return. Don’t make mistakes! This is a local document and you still need to complete the federal tax return report to the IRS. This one contains the same information plus the local details you have to provide. Be specific about the numbers you indicate, they have to match official calculations. Include data on your gross income tax, income tax, dividends, and type of income, both from the national and state operations.
  • Form 251. This is a Tennessee Application for an Extension of Filing Time/Prepayment of Individual Income Tax. This form does not grant you the right not to pay taxes. You have the possibility to delay the form or prepayment that comes with tax payment. There is a strict rule made by Tennessee officials that allows you to extend the date to the 15th day of the 4th month after the fiscal year. You have to learn whether your case matches the requirements and whether your form will be approved before you complete anything.
  • Form FAE 176. The name of the form is Investment Company Special Privilege Tax Return. The form must be filled out on behalf of the company that resides in the state. If you do business outside the state you have to fill out Schedule A. Fill Schedule B with the numbers of the income and the gross profit you receive during the financial year.
  • Form ALC 102. The form is used for the Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage Tax Return. You need to provide your ABC license number before you complete the form. Include the data on the distilled spirits, alcoholic beverages with the percentage of alcohol there, and wine content.
  • Form PRV 413. The Bail Bond Tax Return form was created by the Tennessee Department of Revenue to ease the life of taxpayers inside the state. They offer to submit the form using their website. You have to calculate the bond number, including taxes, and the balance on your credit.

How to Get Tennessee Tax Forms?

You may find Tennessee state tax forms 2022 you need at the official website of the Tennessee Department of Revenue. There are forms gathered over many years. You may spend some time there to find the one you really need among all the documents. Later you will need to print it or use a third party to complete it online. Another alternative is PDFLiner which already contains all the forms you need in the library as well as offers editing tools to fill in the blanks online. Once you find the Tennessee state tax forms you want, follow the next steps:

  1. Pick the forms from the list.
  2. Press the icon Fill Online.
  3. Complete the form once it appears on your screen.
  4. You may put your electronic signature, create it in PDFLiner and send it to the recipient.


  • When will Tennessee tax forms be available?

    Tax forms are always available for citizens. You have to check the website of the Department of Revenue or PDFLiner. However, some blanks can be changed with the years. It is better to wait till the end of the year to make sure that the form was updated by officials.

  • When can I file my Tennessee state taxes?

    The taxes are filed to specific departments. They are provided by officials and recorded. You have to mention them in your tax reports each year or month based on the form you use.

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