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Understanding the Consumer Use Tax Return Form

The consumer SLS 452 form provides a framework for consumers to report and pay the tax due on tangible personal property purchased outside their state but used within it. A good understanding of this form is vital for anyone residing or operating a business in Tennessee.

Importance of Tennessee use tax form SLS 452

In Tennessee, SLS 452 is a crucial tax document that businesses and individuals must complete. The main objective of this form is to ensure that all non-exempt goods and services brought into the state have the appropriate taxes paid. It is the taxpayers' legal responsibility to correctly complete the form, calculate, and remit the right tax amount. 

How to Fill Out the SLS 452

The task of completing this return form may seem daunting at first, but rest assured that it's simpler than it appears:

  1. Start with the 'Purchaser' section at the top of the form. Check the appropriate box to indicate whether you're filling the form as an individual or a business entity.
  2. Enter your 'Name' in the provided field. If you're filling out the form as a business, enter the name of the business. If you're an individual, write your full name.
  3. Fill in your 'Address', 'City', 'State', and 'Zip' in the corresponding fields.
  4. Enter your 'SSN or FEIN' in the respective field. As an individual, use your Social Security Number, while as a business, use your Federal Employer Identification Number.
  5. Provide your phone number in the 'Phone' field.
  6. Write down your 'County of Residence'. This should be where you or your business is primarily located.
  7. In 'Total Amount of All Purchases' input the total cost of all taxable items you've bought.
  8. Multiply the total cost of your purchases by 7% and enter the result in'State Tax on All Purchases'.
  9. Fill in the 'State Single Article Tax' if it's applicable to your purchases.
  10. Add up the 'State Tax on All Purchases' and the 'State Single Article Tax' and enter the sum in 'Total State Tax'.
  11. Move to 'Total Purchases' and enter the amount correlating to your previous entries.
  12. Now calculate your 'Local Tax' as required by your county and insert it in the provided space.
  13. Fill the 'Total Amount of Specified Digital Products' field if you have any digital goods or services. Compute and enter the 'Local Tax on Specified Digital Products' if applicable.
  14. If any 'Single Articles With a Unit Price in Excess of $1,600' apply to you, calculate and write down the tax for these items.
  15. Push the results to the 'Total Local Tax'. 
  16. Add the 'Total State Tax' and 'Total Local Tax' and put the derived figure in the 'Total Amount Due' field.
  17. Move to the 'Schedule A' section to provide a detailed breakdown of each item purchased. Give a detailed description of each item, the purchase price, the tax rate applied, and the single article tax in the corresponding columns.
  18. After completing all sections, sign the form digitally in the 'Taxpayer Signature' section and also indicate the date of signature.

Remember to review the form thoroughly for any errors or missing details before the final submission.

When to use the consumer use tax return

It's important to use the consumer use tax return under specific circumstances to ensure tax compliance. The goal is to cover the tax on eligible goods or services purchased out-of-state or from another country. Here are some typical situations when it comes into play:

  • Out-of-state purchases: If you've bought goods from out-of-state that didn't include sales tax at the time of purchase, you're responsible for filing a consumer use tax return. This includes items bought online, by mail order, or in person.
  • Tax rate differences: In case the sales tax paid on out-of-state goods is less than your home state's prevailing use tax rate, a use tax is owed on the difference.
  • Unpaid Online Sales Tax: Increasingly, items bought online have sales tax added automatically. However, if they don't and you're not charged tax by the retailer, you will need to file a return for the use tax.
  • Tangible Goods for Personal or Business Use: If you acquire tangible goods without paying the sales tax and intend to use, store, or consume them in your residential state, you're required to pay use tax through the consumer use tax return form.

Fillable online Consumer Use Tax Return SLS 452
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