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What is the Maryland 502X form?

The fillable Maryland 502X form is filed by the taxpayer in case the information related to the income tax credit was changed. This form is related to the 500CR form. You can download Maryland 502X to change the information stated in 500CR. However, the changes that you stated can be auditioned during the period of up to 3 years.

What I need the Maryland 502X for?

  • The form is used for the taxpayers who want to notify the officials on the changes in the business income tax credit information in the 500CR form;
  • The blank must be filed in 3 years from the date of the original form due date;
  • You can fill the form to claim the information from the 500CR form;
  • There are several exceptions for this form, including the claim for the refunding of the credit for taxes that were paid in another state. You can do it within the year.

How to fill out Maryland 502X form?

The pdf form can be downloaded from this page. You may read it and file it online. You can also download it and print so after you complete it, it can be sent by regular mail. This is not an IRS form, and you have to send it to the Maryland officials. The form is free of charge. The form is 9 pages long, but only 3 is fillable. The others are instructions for you. Follow the guide step by step:

  • Fill your SSN and spouse’s SSN, name, spouse’s name, address;
  • Pick the appropriate box if the form is filed to claim the net operating loss;
  • Pick the proper box in a change of filing status line;
  • Complete the gross income information, credit, and taxes;
  • File your income and the adjustments to it;
  • Explain the changes to income;
  • Put your name and signature.

Organizations that work with Maryland 502X form

  • Comptroller of Maryland;
  • IRS if requested.

Form Versions

2022 Maryland Form 502X (2022) Fill Out Form
Fillable online Maryland Form 502X
(4.7 / 5) 51 votes
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