19 Arkansas Tax Forms

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What are Arkansas Tax Forms?

Arkansas tax forms are state reports on the income from both individuals and organizations that must be filed annually to the local authorities. These forms were created for the taxpayers within the state. They have numerous similarities with federal tax forms and contain information on the income you receive and the part that you provide as taxes.

There are numerous Arkansas tax forms for 2022 you can find online. If you are worried you can get lost there, use smart search in PDFLiner. All the blanks dedicated to the Arkansas area are gathered in one place there. Pick the form you need based on the taxes you pay or the company you represent, fill it out, and send it to the local government that is indicated in the document.

Most Popular Arkansas Tax Forms

The number of Arkansas tax return forms is growing fast. Each year, Arkansas authorities release fresh updates to the forms you may need. Sometimes they create a new one based on the government's demands. This is why you have to keep up with the updates and demands. You can track them on the official website of the government. Some of the Arkansas income tax forms are more popular than others. You can pay attention to them, since you may probably need them the most. Here is the list:

  • Form AR1000NR. This is the Arkansas Individual Income Tax Return Non-Resident or Part-Year Resident report. The form is widely used by part-year residents or nonresidents who work in the state. It contains the data you have to gather for the federal tax return form, as well as the address, SSN, dependents, deposits, salaries, rents, and income. You need to provide the form during the tax report period to the Arkansas officials.
  • Form AR1000ADJ. This is one of the popular Arkansas state income tax forms, known as the Arkansas Individual Tax Schedule of Adjustments. If you need to provide adjustments to the tax report you have previously sent, you need this document. You can choose your status, whenever you are a full-year, part-year resident, or nonresident, you need to complete specific lines, based on the detailed instructions provided by local authorities. It can be used with the form AR1000NR as well.
  • Form AR1075. This document is known as Arkansas Individual Income Tax Deduction for Tuition Paid to Post-Secondary Educational Institutions. While it is not that widespread among taxpayers you still have to keep it among your Arkansas state tax forms just in case. The form was created to make part of the tuition that was paid by the person to be the taxpayer’s tuition or payment for the spouse or children's education. It must be filled by the student.
  • Form AR1000V. This is the State of Arkansas Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher. It was created by Arkansas State Income Tax for those who want to return payment. Once you send the form, you need to wait for the answer from the officials. If your case is approved and your return is amended you will receive the form back to you with underlined YES. You need to mail the tax return, payment, and the form to the address indicated in the form.
  • Form AR4684. The form is called Arkansas Individual Income Tax Casualties and Thefts. This is not one of the standard Arkansas state tax withholding forms, and you will need it only if you have to register losses from disasters or thefts. You need to describe the property you own, evaluate it and be specific on the reimbursements.

Where To Get Arkansas State Income Tax Forms?

You may find all Arkansas state tax return forms on the website of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. It contains lots of information, usually placed slightly chaotic. You may need some time to find the document you want. If you are wondering where can I get Arkansas state tax forms fast, you can use PDFLiner. This service contains all the documents released by Arkansas authorities in one place. They are visible and simple to fill. Moreover, since it is an editor that works online you can easily open the form and complete it in no time. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Pick the form you were looking for from the list.
  2. Press the big button near it called Fill Online.
  3. Wait till the editor opens the form.
  4. Complete the document, sign if you need, and send it to the officials.

Where To Send Arkansas State Tax Forms?

Officials usually require Arkansas withholding tax forms sent either online via the website or to the post box indicated in the document. Some forms can be sent via the email the local Department of Finance and Administration provided to you specifically. If you are not sure where to send the document, you have to contact Arkansas authorities. There is a support team you can reach on the website. PDFLiner offers you to print the document and send it via regular mail, send via email or save it and download it online whenever you need it. Don’t delay the report if you see that there is a specific deadline. Usually, all tax forms have a deadline after which you will be fined.


  • Where can I get Arkansas state tax forms?

    Arkansas state forms were created by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, which means that they are available on their official website. Apart from the forms you need, this website contains a wide range of information about the state, local activities, and upcoming events. You can also monitor changes in the forms there. Yet, if you need to find the form fast, use PDFLiner, which has all the Arkansas tax templates in one place, easy to reach.

  • Where do I mail my Arkansas state tax forms?

    It depends on the form you are filling in at the current moment. Some forms must be sent by regular post. You have to go to the post office and use the address indicated in the form by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. These forms have to be sent in advance since they require time to be delivered. Other forms can be sent via the official email of the administration. In this case, you will see the address in the form. If the form can be sent online via the website check out for the inner instructions too.

  • What forms to file with my Arkansas individual tax return?

    Based on your specific case you may need to file extra forms attached to the Arkansas individual tax return. The most popular among them is Form AR1000ADJ, which is the form that contains adjustments to the original tax return document. You may need an Itemized Deduction Schedule or Check Off Contributions Schedule.

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