5 New Mexico Tax Forms

  • New Mexico Schedule PIT-ADJ New Mexico Schedule PIT-ADJ What is New Mexico Schedule PIT-ADJ? New Mexico Schedule PIT-ADJ is a schedule used for a taxpayer in case they have to claim some additions, exempti
  • New Mexico Form RPD-41248 New Mexico Form RPD-41248 New Mexico Form RPD-41248 Relevant to New Mexico RPD-41248 form 2021
  • NM Form RPD-41096 NM Form RPD-41096 What is the RPD41096 form? The fillable RPD41096 form must be provided by the taxpayer who wants to extend the time on filing the return. If you want to postpone the business return filing, you need to file this form to the State of New Mexico Taxation an
  • NM Form PIT-X NM Form PIT-X NM Form PIT-X Relevant to NM PIT-X form 2021 1040 nr ez form 2020, 
  • New Mexico Form PIT-1 New Mexico Form PIT-1 What is New Mexico Form PIT-1? The New Mexico PIT-1 tax form is the state’s personal income tax return. This form used residents and part-year residents who earn income from any source. What is New Mexico Form PIT-1 used for? T
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What are New Mexico Tax Forms?

New Mexico tax forms are created by state officials and have to be filled by taxpayers together with the federal forms required by the IRS. These documents do not replace one another so you can’t send one but forget about another unless you want to be fined. Apart from that, there is a strict deadline when the form must be received by the official body indicated in each of them. You have to make sure to not send the document with delay.

PDFLiner offers important New Mexico income tax forms in the section. The number of forms is growing. You will find the documents created for taxpayers about the annual or monthly income.

Most Popular New Mexico Tax Forms

New Mexico state income tax forms are limited by the area. They must be provided by New Mexico residents or by non-residents who work in the state. You will find a wide range of forms available for you. If you are not sure which one to pick, check out the description near the forms. Here are the most popular New Mexico state tax forms you may find on PDFLiner:

  • Form PIT-1. This is the New Mexico Personal Income Tax Return standard form. It is similar to the IRS tax report. You have to provide information about the taxpayer, SSN, address, and dependents. You have to include the adjusted federal gross income, as well as indicate the taxable income in New Mexico. The document contains instructions on how to calculate everything. It was created by the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. You have to send the original to their P.O. box.
  • Form PIT-X. If you have made mistakes in the previous document with the personal income tax return calculations or need to change the address, use the New Mexico Personal Income Tax Amended Return. It is widely used with New Mexico personal income tax forms. You can fix mistakes in advance and send them to the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. Department offers you to file this form online, using the Taxpayer Access Point. Don’t forget to mention the reason why you are sending the form in the section Reason for Amending.
  • Form PIT-ADJ. This is the New Mexico Schedule of Additions, Deductions, and Exemptions form. It must be provided by the taxpayers who need to take exemptions from the adjusted federal gross incomes to compute the taxable income in New Mexico, who need deductions, or who need additions. Before you fill out the form, read the description of it, and make sure you are eligible to do that.
  • Form RPD-41248. This is an Application to be a Qualified Employer for the Allocation of Nonresident Employee Income from Manufacturing Plants in New Mexico Within 20 Miles of the International Border. This form was created for employees who are not residents of New Mexico but work in the plant that is located near the border with Mexico. They can allocate the money they’ve earned at the plant to their own state of residence.
  • Form RPD-41096. The form is known as Application for Extension of Time to File. The document is created by the State of New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department as many other New Mexico tax forms 2022. Before you complete the document make sure you qualify for this extension. If you are, there is a deadline you need to follow, which is before or at the date of the return.

Where to get New Mexico Tax Forms?

You have to check out the official website for the New Mexico department of revenue tax forms. There are multiple forms created by the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and kept for years there. Some of them are too old to use. You have to make sure that you choose the right one. It may take some time to find the one you need. There are New Mexico tax return forms on PDFLiner. The collection is simple to navigate and check the description of each form under it. You may complete them in the service, using the tools. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Pick the template you need.
  2. Press the Fill Online.
  3. When you see the form is opened, fill it out.
  4. Print it or send it online. You can sign the form online as well.


  • Where do I mail New Mexico tax forms?

    You can mail New Mexico tax forms online or you can try a more classic way, which is to send the form by regular mail to the indicated address in the form. Each document contains instructions from the State of Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. There you will find the address with guidance and deadlines.

  • What tax forms do I need to fill out for New Mexico state tax?

    You may need any of the forms described above. The most popular are PIT-1 and PIT-X, but you still may need the form for the job near the border or extra time to file the tax report. Make sure you know where to get and how to complete these documents.

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