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Understanding Colorado Annual Transmittal of State W 2 Forms

Submitting tax documents is a fundamental responsibility for employers in Colorado, and it includes the Colorado Annual Transmittal of State W-2 forms. This Colorado state document plays a crucial role in reconciling the state's tax records with the income and tax withholding information of employees.

Why is the Colorado annual transmittal of state W-2 important?

Employers are tasked with reporting their employees' annual earnings and tax withholdings each year. The Colorado Annual Transmittal of State W-2 captures this data and provides a summarized record that the Colorado Department of Revenue uses to cross-check individual tax returns with employer-reported figures.

This transmittal form serves as a cover sheet that facilitates the state's verification of the total taxes withheld from employees' wages against the individual W-2 forms submitted for each employee. Also, please remember form must be submitted by the end of January following the tax year in question, mirroring the deadline for federal W-2 submissions.

How to Fill Out the Colorado Annual Transmittal of State W 2

Filling out the Colorado Annual Transmittal of State W-2 requires attention to detail. Here's a straightforward process to help guide employers through each step:

  1. Enter the Social Security Numbers in the designated fields labeled SSN 1 and SSN 2 for the respective employees.
  2. Input the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) in the provided field.
  3. Fill in your Colorado Department of Revenue Account Number.
  4. Write the Last Name or Business Name of the employer or company transmitting the W-2 forms.
  5. Include the First Name and Middle Initial of the individual preparing the form if applicable.
  6. Type the employer or business address, including the full street address, P.O. box if utilized, and suite or room number if relevant.
  7. Insert the City, State, and ZIP code of the employer's or business's address.
  8. Specify the Period for which the W-2 forms are being transmitted, denoting the start and end months and years in the format MM/YY for each.
  9. Fill in the Due Date for the transmittal of these forms, formatted as MM/DD/YY.
  10. Enter the Number of W-2s Attached, indicating the total number of W-2 forms being transmitted with this document.
  11. Provide a Phone Number where you can be reached for any queries regarding the transmittal.
  12. If you are submitting an Amended Return, select the appropriate indication.
  13. If the payment was made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), make the appropriate mark.
  14. Calculate and enter the Total Colorado income taxes withheld as reported on the attached W-2 forms.
  15. Report the Total Colorado income taxes you have remitted during the specified period.
  16. If the amount withheld is greater than the amount remitted, calculate the Balance Due and record it.
  17. In the case that the remitted amount exceeds the withheld taxes, note the Overpayment amount.
  18. Compute any Penalty that may apply and record it.
  19. Determine any Interest due and document it.
  20. If an Additional Balance is Paid, enter the amount.
  21. The preparer or authorized individual must Sign under oath affirming the accuracy of the information and then write the Date in MM/DD/YY format.

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Fillable online Colorado Annual Transmittal of State W-2
(4.5 / 5) 40 votes
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