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What Is a Form 2106

Understanding Form 2106 is critical for employees who incur job-related expenses not reimbursed by their employer. The IRS provides the Employee Business Expenses form for taxpayers to calculate allowable deductions for various work-related expenses. These include but are not limited to travel, transportation, meals, and entertainment, as well as home office expenses. Form 2106 can lead to substantial tax savings, making it a valuable resource during tax season.

Who Can Use Form 2106

Below is a list of situations where individuals can still utilize Form 2106:

  • Armed Forces Reservists traveling more than 100 miles from home
  • Qualified performing artists with income thresholds and fees-for-service requirements
  • Fee-basis state or local government officials
  • Employees with impairment-related work expenses

If you fall into one of these special employment categories, you may be eligible to claim deductions using Form 2106.

How To Fill Out Form 2106 Instructions

Filling out Form 2106 IRS Instructions involves several steps that must be followed carefully:

Gather Documentation:

Begin by collecting all receipts and records of your expenses. Keeping a detailed logbook or spreadsheet can be immensely helpful.

Section A - General Information:

Provide your occupation, employer, and whether you are subject to Department of Transportation hours of service limits.

Section B - Employee Business Expenses:

Enter all ordinary and necessary job-related expenses. This includes travel, car expenses (actual or standard mileage rate), parking fees, tolls, and other transportation costs.

Calculating Expenses:

Calculate the total expenses for each category and enter the amounts. If claiming vehicle expenses, provide the required information regarding the business use of your vehicle.


Report any employer reimbursements. These amounts will be subtracted from the total expenses, as you can only deduct unreimbursed expenses.

It is crucial to be precise and detailed when filling out the form to avoid errors that could lead to an IRS audit or delay in processing your tax return.

When to File Form 2106 IRS

Timing is key when it comes to filing IRS forms. Form 2106 should be filed alongside your regular tax return. This means it should be submitted by the tax filing deadline, typically April 15th. Form 2106 should be included with your extended submission if you have obtained an extension for your return. Always be mindful of IRS updates or deadline shifts to ensure timely filing.

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(5 / 5) 80 votes
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