Washington State Birth Certificate


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What is a Washington State Birth Certificate?

The Washington State Birth Certificate Form is a one-page document provided by the Department of Health that certifies a person's birth. To get it, you need a Certificate of Live Birth issued by the center or hospital where the life event happened.

Washington State Birth Certificate

What do I need the Washington State Birth Certificate for?

  • Everyone born in the state of Washington must receive such a certificate.
  • You can order a Washington State Birth Certificate copy if you have lost the original file over time.
  • It is necessary to resolve many legal issues, such as confirming citizenship eligibility, obtaining SSN and other important documents, as well as applying for various benefits.
  • Born in other states, should get different certificates.

How to Fill Out a Washington State Birth Certificate?

The authorized municipality, county, or state representatives fill out the document. When recipients order Birth Certificate from Washington state, the following data should be provided:

Step 1: Indicate the document number and the date the form was issued.

Step 2: Enter details of the child born: full name, gender, date, time, and place of birth, as well as the name of the facility where it happened.

Step 3: Put the father and mother's names, dates, and places of birth.

Step 4: Specify the date of filling out the document and put the seal of the institution. The completed form should be printed on branded paper.

Filling Washington State Birth Certificate

How to get a Washington State Birth Certificate

The state or municipality issues this paper after the hospital has provided a Live Birth Certificate to the local civil registry confirming the birth of a child. In Washington State order Birth Certificate can also be made by other people, such as medical practitioners or midwives, who help deliver or care for the baby. In any case, to obtain it, you first need to present a Live Birth Certificate. In the absence of authorized officials, it can be completed by the baby's parents or others who were present at the birth. If you lost the original Washington State Birth Certificate order a copy from the local authorities.

Organizations that work with the State of Washington Birth Certificates

  • Local Department of Health

Fillable online Washington State Birth Certificate
(4.6 / 5) 40 votes
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