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What is SS-4 Form?

The SS form 4 is also known as the Application for Employer Identification Number. It can be used by employers themselves, partnerships, and corporations. churches, estates, trusts, Indian tribal entities, government agencies, and a wide range of individuals. The form was created by the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

It is highly unlikely that the employer does not know what is an SS-4 form, since this is the first document that must be filled on the obtained position. If you just became an employer, you have to make sure you receive your Employer Identification Number or EIN. To receive it, you have to fill out this document.

Employers can’t work without EIN. It is required on numerous tax forms. You have to ask the IRS to provide the number by filling SS-4 forms. In the form, you have to name your purpose to acquire EIN. Provide information on your company or business you have so the IRS can check everything in advance.

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What I need the SS-4 Form for?

  • You need to use the IRS SS-4 form when you begin your own business and you have to hire staff to help you with this. If your business did not have any employees before, but now you need them, this will be your first time filling out the form;
  • You may use form SS 4 IRS to receive EIN and open your business account in a bank. Even if your business is changing the type, you still need to use the form. You will have to update the registration of your EIN in form SS 4 online;
  • You need form SS 4 PDF for administering the estate. In this case, you need to open accounts in the bank and provide basic functions. Without EIN you will not be able to do it.

How to Fill Out SS-4 Form?

Let’s talk about how to fill out SS 4 form for LLC without a problem. The form is not that long or complicated, but you still have to provide enough data for it. You can find the document on the IRS's official website. However, it allows you only to download the SS 4 form PDF. If you want to be able to fill it out online, use PDFLiner. This editor contains not only the form but all the tools you need.

Enter the document and fill in the empty sections with your information. Once you are done, save it on your device, print it, or send it to the IRS online or via email. You can also send it using regular mail if you want.  Follow the next tips to complete IRS form SS 4:

  1. Include the information about you at the beginning of the document. Provide your name, trade name, executor name, address, and the name of the responsible party;
  2. Pick the type of entity you have and put the tick near the appropriate box;
  3. Choose the reason for applying the document. Read all the options and put the tick near the one you need. If you have to specify something, you can use the box Other;
  4. Share information about the business. Write down the date when you started the business, the number of employees, closing month of the accounting year. Include the information on the first date when the wages were paid;
  5. Complete the section of the third-party designee;
  6. Provide your phone and fax number;
  7. Put the electronic signature. Use an e-signature from PDFLiner to create your own personal sign.

Fill Form SS-4 on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with SS-4 Form

  • Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

Where to file SS 4 form?

IRS offers you wide possibilities for this form. You can send it online, mail it, or fax it. You can use the official department of the IRS in your area and send the regular mail letter to their post box. The form contains the address inside it, but you still can ask the IRS support team for the details. Perhaps you can send it somewhere nearby if you have IRS representatives in your location. You have to be a US resident. The IRS accepts the form in each state. If you prefer to avoid all the printing and scanning procedures, you can send it online to the IRS.

Fillable online Form SS-4
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