NATO - 9 Line MEDEVAC Request


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What is 9 line medevac? 

9 line Medevac is the standard form that is used by militaries in the case of soldiers’ injuries. Each line of the form contains vital information for medical workers. 

What I need 9 line medevac for? 

9 line Medevac is only used in a war zone. And it is the most important type of communication between the point of injury and the soldiers in the war zone. You need to submit a form in case:

  • There are wounded soldiers;
  • You are in a war zone;
  • You need to provide all the necessary information about your location, equipment, mechanism of injury, and so on. 

Filling out 9 line medevac

The form is very short and consists of nine lines. So it is filled in emergency conditions, it contains only the most important information:

  • Line 1: determine your location;
  • Line 2: fill in your radio frequency, call sign, and suffix;
  • Line 3: fill in the number of patients, starting from the ones with the most severe injuries;
  • Line 4: fill it if you need additional special equipment;
  • Line 5: determine the number of patients;
  • Line 6: indicate how safe is the path to you;
  • Line 7: define the method of marking a pick-up site;
  • Line 8: determine the patient’s nationality and status;
  • Line 9: choose NBC contamination. 

Organizations that work with 9 line medevac

US military organizations that are in the war zone. 

Fillable online NATO - 9 Line MEDEVAC Request
(5 / 5) 67 votes
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