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What Is a DA Form 4187?

The US Army DA Form 4187 (or else Personnel Action Form) is a file used by the US Army for requesting various personnel actions, such as transfers, reassignments, promotions, changes in duty status, and other administrative changes.

It serves as a formal request and documentation tool within the Army personnel system. The new DA Form 4187 should be filled out and signed by a soldier and battalion (or higher level) commander.

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What do I need the DA form 4187 army pubs for?

  • The form is used to request changes in a personnel status, such as requesting a transfer to a different unit, applying for a promotion, updating personal information, etc.
  • Often such information is needed for promotions or other administrative changes.
  • The DA Form 4187 PDF fillable is used exclusively within the US Army and is completed upon request only. Only authorized persons associated with the Department should fill it out.

How to Fill Out the Blank DA Form 4187?

  1. Enter the full name, rank, and SSN of an applicant/soldier. Also, indicate changes to their duty status.
  2. Select the requested action from the list. You can choose one or more options. If the option you need is not in the list, enter it in the empty line below the table by hand.
  3. Sign and date the document. If you have any additional remarks or comments, use Section 4 or attach an additional sheet of paper to your application.
  4. The commander fills in the next part. They can give their recommendation about the requested action, for instance, to endorse or decline it.
  5. The commander must enter their name, SSN, rank, and sign. This ensures that the appropriate individuals review and approve the requested action.

Organizations that work with the DA 4187 form

  • US Department of the Army

Fillable online Da Form 4187
(4.5 / 5) 54 votes
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