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What is DA 31 form?

DA 31 form was made for soldiers who need the vacation leave. It is a document that makes military leave official. It points out the exact dates of leave start and end. It also mentions the address where the soldier will stay during this leave and their contact phone.

What I need DA 31 for?

The soldier that wants to receive vacation leave must sign this form. It gives details for:

  • Chargeable leave days for a soldier;
  • Pay records;
  • Number of days for the soldier's take-off;
  • Information on where to find a soldier in case of emergency;
  • Commander requires this form to be able to reach the soldier to stay informed on the days that the soldier will be absent.

There are no other forms to accompany DA 31 form. It is valued during the soldier’s leave. Once the leave period is over, the form is no longer active.

Filling out DA 31

DA 31 is a form for the military institution. It is an inner form. You have to be extremely specific in it, and provide the information on the details:

  • Your name;
  • Military rank;
  • SSN;
  • Address where you will accommodate during the leave period;
  • Specify the type of your leave: permissive TDY, emergency, or ordinary;
  • The exact number of days you will be gone;
  • Information on the departure, return or extension, in case you need it;
  • This information must be signed by the authorized person.

During the leave period, this form must be kept by the soldier. If the soldier is relocated or needs different medical care, the form may be required. After the leave is over, the document loses its power.

Organizations that work with DA 31

All the US military departments are using DA 31 form.

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2022 Fillable DA 31 PDF 2022 Fill Out Form
Fillable online Request and authority for Leave (September 93)
(5 / 5) 36 votes
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