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What Is Form RC381?

Also referred to as Inter-Provincial Calculation for CPP and QPP Contributions and Overpayments, it’s a must-have savings plan that provides a basic level of income replacement for contributors in case of retirement, impairment, or passing away. Form RC381 can be found in our extensive library of templates. You’re welcome to download it or fill it out and file it online.

What Form RC381 Is Used For

The file is used by individuals who work in or outside Quebec for:

  • pinpointing the overpayment amount for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP); 
  • and the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP).

Wondering what overpayment is? It’s the difference between the amount of CPP or QPP contributions you made and the amount of CPP or QPP benefits you were granted.

How to Fill Out the RC381 Form

The file features a whopping 12 pages and it’s sure going to take some time to complete. It starts with several must-read informational pages where you’ll find such important details as, for instance, the criteria according to which you can determine if the form is for you or not. Here are these parameters:

  • you earned employment income in Quebec in 2021 and at the same time resided a province other than Quebec on Dec 31, 2021;
  • you earned money in a province other than Quebec in 2021 and you resided there on Dec 31, 2021. 

When you’re through exploring the nonfillable part, get the completion going. Here are the steps to take to complete the form digitally via our platform:

  1. Log in to PDFLiner.
  2. Find the template in our gallery.
  3. Open the file.
  4. Start completing it.

Here are some quick instructions on which parts of the form you need to deal with depending on your situation:

  1. Complete Part 1 on if you live outside Quebec and aim to stop contributing to the CPP or you are canceling a previous election.
  2. Assess Part 2 to pinpoint the number of months for the CPP and QPP contributions calculation.
  3. Fill out Part 3 to calculate your CPP and QPP contributions on your employment income. 
  4. Complete Part 4 if you live outside Quebec and are reporting any kind of income you want to pay CPP contributions on. 
  5. Assess Part 5 if you live in Quebec and are reporting any kind of income you want to make optional QPP contributions on.

When filling out the template, make accuracy and clarity your ultimate priority. Proofread everything before taking the file to the local Service Canada office and correct any mistakes if there are any. Certainly, the most effective way to work with the document is online. Equip yourself with our service’s editing features and fill out any pre-designed document from our ample catalog in the blink of an eye. 

How to Submit Form RC381

Whether you’ve downloaded the file from the Service Canada site or found it in our library, you’re going to need to fill out and submit it to the address specified on the form or take it to the Service Canada office in your area. In case you come up with any questions or uncertainties as you fill out the form, don’t hesitate to turn to professional help to achieve maximum clarity.

Organizations That Work With the Document

  • the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
Fillable online Form RC381
(4.6 / 5) 70 votes
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