11 Canadian Passport Forms

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What Are the Canadian Passport Forms?

If you are looking for the application for the Canadian Passport Form, you might already know about the variety of passport forms in Canada. You don’t need all of them. Moreover, you might never have heard about some of them. If you live in Canada or want to move there, you will need a passport.

These forms are made as official requests or notifications to the Canadian government on your intentions. There are numerous different forms. There are:

  • application forms for a Canadian passport;
  • a declaration for the lost passport; 
  • a request for a certified copy of the travel document;
  • a request for a child’s travel document;
  • various additions to the standard form.

All these forms were created by Canada’s government and are considered legal documents once they are signed by one party. On PDFLiner, they are collected in one place so that you don’t get lost there. You can check out 14 passport forms free of charge. This library continues to increase whenever new documents appear or additional schedules are released. Yet, this does not happen often. You usually have to find out which form you require from the officials before you start filling out any of them. Once you understand what you need, you can put the name in the search bar and easily find it.

Most Popular Canadian Passport Forms

Canadian passport applications forms were created to help citizens to receive legal documents without any problem. They contain similar information and require specific details about you and your family. These forms usually must be handed directly to the office that is indicated in the form or sent online via the official website of the Canadian government. No matter whether it is a Canadian Passport Application Form or a report about the loss of the passport, you have to make sure that all details are included. If there is a fee, you have to pay it in advance. Then follow all the instructions in the form. Here are the most widely used forms on PDFLiner:

  1. Adult General Passport Application form or PPTC 153. This is a standard application form for a Canadian passport designed for citizens of Canada 16 years and older. The form can be applied in Canada or in the US. 
    You have to follow the instructions provided in the form. The first section is dedicated to personal information such as name, surname, mother’s maiden name, date of birth, place of birth, address, email, and phone number. Provide your personal signature in a special box. There also must be a declaration of the guarantor, proof of citizenship, and other documents that prove the applicant’s identity, extra information, and even emergency contacts.
  2. Child Travel Document Application or PPTC 192 E. You need this application for Canadian passport forms if you are stateless and are protected by the Canadian government. An applicant has to be younger than 16 years old. There must be a child’s information including full name, date of birth, country, address, and a sign that the child uses. Provide information about the parent or both parents, including their full names, phones, and addresses. You need to prove your immigration status in Canada. There must be a declaration from the guarantor and from the applicant. This form requires you to attach a photo and extra documents that prove your identity.
  3. Child General Passport Application or PPTC 155 E. Among all Canadian passport application forms, there is a specific part dedicated to children. This is one of them. The application is made for Canadians younger than 16 years. It can be applied in Canada or the US. You have to enter the child’s personal information, including name, place of birth, gender, current address, and signature of the child. Specify data on the parents or one parent of the child. You also need to prove the Canadian citizenship of the child, the declaration of the applicant, and the guarantor. Include the emergency contact information too.
  4. Proof of Canadian Citizenship. If you are a Canadian citizen but have lost your passport, you can simply pick one of the Canadian passport renewals forms. If you don’t have a passport but are a Canadian citizen, you’ll need this form. You have to include personal information and extra data for Canadian citizenship. Provide the declaration of the applicant. You have to specify the reason why you fill the document. Sign the paper, and write down the date of your application and the current location.

How to Get Canadian Passport Forms?

You can get the passport forms you need on PDFLiner. Choose the exact type you need. If you don’t know which one, consult with the official. You have to fill in the right document with the correct information. Once you find the form on PDFLiner, follow the instructions:

  1. Open this form and read the details about it.
  2. Press the big blue button “Fill Online.”
  3. You will see the editor with the form in front of you. Fill empty sections with your information.
  4. Save the form on your device. You can print it out and sign it. If the officials allow you to send it via email, you can do it as well.
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