21 IMM Forms

  • IMM 5710 Form IMM 5710 Form Where to Find a Blank IMM 5710 Form? The document is ready for you to acquire at the PDFLiner library. To begin filling out the document, push the “Fill this form” button, or if you need to know how to find it letter, follow the steps:
  • IMM 5476 Form IMM 5476 Form How to Find a Fillable IMM 5476 Form? Use PDFLiner forms catalog to obtain your form. The fastest way to get the form is by clicking "Fill this form" button on this page, but in case you'll need the form letter, follow these steps:
  • IMM 1344 Form IMM 1344 Form How Do I Acquire Fillable IMM 1344 Form?Find the blank document in the PDFLiner documents library. Either push the "Fill this form" button or follow the steps below in case you need to find the form on our website letter:Enter our main page.
  • IMM 5604 Form IMM 5604 Form Where to Find a Blank IMM 5604 Form?The form is ready to be filled and can be found in PDFLiner catalog. To get the form Either hit the "Fill this form" button or do the steps below:Get to the PDFliner main page.Type “IMM 5604 Form
  • IMM 5406 Form IMM 5406 Form What is Additional Family Information Form IMM 5406? Form IMM 5406 is a one-page appendix to your main package of documents that you collect for obtaining permanent residence in Canada. It is not an independent form because it simply provides the migratio
  • IMM 5669 Form IMM 5669 Form What is an IMM 5669 Form? This form (sometimes also called “Schedule A”) is one of the most important documents for immigrating to Canada. It is a four-page questionnaire in which you describe your background (study, work, etc.). Depending on
  • Form IMM 1294, Application for Study Permit Made Outside of Canada Form IMM 1294, Application for Study Permit Made Outside of Canada What is IMM 1294? An IMM 1294 application form is a five-page document used by international st
  • Form IMM1294 (06-2019) Form IMM1294 (06-2019) Form IMM1294 (06-2019) ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • IMM 5768 E Financial Evaluation for Parents IMM 5768 E Financial Evaluation for Parents What Is Financial Evaluation for Parents? Also referred to as Financial Evaluation for Parents and Grandparents (PGP) Sponsorship or IMM 5768 PDF, it’s a document issued within the Canadian Parents and Grandparents program existing for the purpose o
  • IMM 5760 E Document Checklist IMM 5760 E Document Checklist IMM 5760 E : Document Checklist
  • IMM 5753E Request for Medical Exam IMM 5753E Request for Medical Exam IMM 5753E Request for Medical Exam ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • IMM 5744 E Consent for an Access to Information IMM 5744 E Consent for an Access to Information IMM 5744 E : Consent for an Access to Information ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
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What Are the IMM Forms?

If you are looking for immigration to Canada, you have to learn details on IMM forms. There are different types that must be filed by the non-residents of Canada who want to live and work there. The Canadian immigration forms must be filed with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada Organization. The forms are available either on the official website of the Canadian government or via PDFLiner. They are signed by non-Canadians who want to stay in Canada longer than via tourist visa.

It is easy to get lost in over 8 pages of various forms that contain IMM indexes. You won’t need all of them in practice. You might require to file not one but several forms. However, there are specifications and guides to each form which you will find on PDFLiner. Based on your purposes, you might need such Canadian visa application forms:

  • IMM 1294 is filed by students who want to receive a Study Permit outside Canada;
  • IMM 5257 E is the basic application for a temporary resident visa;
  • IMM 5710 which allows you to change the conditions of your residence in Canada, extend the dates, or remain as a worker.

These are only three different examples of these forms. You can find the specific form and schedule for it based on your case. You have to apply for it with the appropriate documents attached.

Most Popular Canadian Immigration Forms

PDFLiner contains 3 pages with basic templates of Canadian immigration application forms. You can find more variations on the official website. Think about your purposes in Canada and why you need to apply for the visa. Based on the goals, you can easily find the forms you need. Here are the most popular forms that users download or fill online via PDFLiner:

  1. The fillable 5257 E form is one of the basic Canadian government immigration forms for those who apply for temporary resident visas. It is made in English and French languages, and you can pick one of them to fill in the document. Include your full name, date of birth, citizenship, number of passports, and expiration date. You have to specify there that you have no connection to any criminal organization, have never committed war crimes, and you have to be 18 years old or over. You need to include information about your spouse if you have one.
  2. The 5476 form is made for representatives. You don’t need to hire a representative if you want to receive free-of-charge services. You can also pick representatives you trust and pay for the services. They will represent you in front of the Canadian government and even run businesses on your behalf. Include detailed information about the applicant, including the UCI number if you know it. Include the information about the representative. Provide addresses and phone numbers.
  3. Form IMM 5710 allows you to change the conditions of residence, extend the stay, or even remain as an employee. If you have your work permit expiring, you have to fill out the form. If you have an expired document and you are still in Canada, you don’t have any status. You can re-apply and restore your working status. Yet, it is better to do it before the deadline or you will have to pay extra fees of 455 CAD. This form can be applied online. Before you start filling it out, make sure you have all the documents in front of you.
  4. The form IMM 5669 is also known as Schedule A. It is the form based on your background. We recommend making several photocopies of the form in advance. You have to indicate yourself and write down your full name, native language, date of birth, and details about your father and your mother, including the birth name and given name. After that, you just need to put ticks in the appropriate boxes that match your answers. It is about the previous attempts to receive permanent residence in Canada. Include information about your education, your personal history, organizations you’ve been a member of, positions in government if you obtained any, and military service.
  5. The form IMM 5768 E is the financial evaluation for parents and grandparents if they want to be your sponsors. You have to specify whether your sponsor can provide the financial support that will be enough for living in Canada. The form is required by all applications for sponsorships. If you have a relative who wants to sponsor the immigration process, you need to fill the form with the data about this person, including their income, debts, and assets.

How to Get Canadian Immigration Application Forms?

PDFLiner offers you any Canadian immigration application form PDF you might need. You have to search for it in the search panel. If you don’t remember the number, you might still remember the name. You can just check out the list and find the one you need. After that, just follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the page of the form you have picked. You will see a detailed description of this form and recommendations for how to fill it. Once you read it, you can move further;
  2. Press the “Fill Online” button you see near the image of the form.
  3. The PDFLiner editor will appear in front of you. Fill the sections that are highlighted with the essential information. Once it is ready, press “Done.”
  4. You can print out this form or save it on your device. Email the form to the Canadian officials.
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