IMM 5257 Form, Application for Temporary Resident Visa

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What Is IMM 5257 E Form

IMM 5257 E is also known as the Request for the Visa on Temporary Residency. The form has to be filled out by anyone who wants to receive a temporary visa from Canada. The form may reveal detailed information on the applicant, including possible war crimes association with radical political or criminal groups, if any. It discloses the information on the government position the applicant may obtain in his/her native country.

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What do I need the IMM5257 form 2023 for

  • IMM 5257E form is required for anyone who wants to receive a Canadian temporary residence visa;
  • This form is necessary to be filled out to prove that you did not take part in war crimes;
  • This form must be filled by applicants who want to prove they were not part of criminal or terrorist organizations, did not make anything illegal actions;
  • The form may not be filled by residents of several countries for whom only the Electronic Travel Authorization form will be enough.

Filling Out IMM 5257 E PDF

You don’t have to rush with this form. Fill it out step by step, following instructions in the document. There is no particular deadline, and you can apply it whenever you are ready. Before you start completing the form, pay attention to the following requirements:

  • All the members of the family who want to visit Canada and are 18 or over must fill out this form as well. It does not matter who initiates the visit to Canada;
  • You don’t need any extra tutorials to fill out the form. Every line and box is easy to understand and well-described by officials;
  • You have to sign these papers at the end of the document and put the current date on it;
  • Once you've signed the application, you can submit it following the official instructions.

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Organizations that work with IMM 5257 E

  • Canadian Visa office;
  • Canadian government.

Form Versions

2002 Fillable Canada IMM 5257 for 2002 Fill Out Form
2022 Fillable Canada IMM 5257 for 2022 Fill Out Form

FAQ: Canada IMM 5257 PDF Popular Questions

  • Who needs to fill out IMM 5257 E?

    Form IMM 5257 E has to be filled by individuals who want to visit Canada. Actually, there are two types of countries. Citizens of the first type are required to fill out IMM 5257 E, while citizens of the second type only need to fill the Electronic Travel Authorization. You can figure out which type of application you need on the official website of the Canadian government.

  • How to upload IMM 5257 E online?

    You can submit the form by sending it to the local Canadian Visa Office in your area by email. The easiest way to do it is to get, fill, and sign the IMM 5257 E form online, which you can easily do with the PDFLiner online service. When the form is done, you can send it directly to the Visa Office by e-mail.

  • How to download IMM 5257 E form?

    You can download the most recent version of this form on the official website of the Canadian government. However, the easier way is to download it right from the PDFLiner online library that lets you fill the form online and send it directly to the Visa Office when it’s completed. There’s also an option to download or print the form directly from the website.

  • What are the different IMM 5257 forms?

    There’s only a single version of this form called IMM 5257 E Shedule 1. This form is designed to collect information about you and your family to provide you with a permission to visit the country. PDFLiner provides only the latest version of the form.

  • How to sign IMM5257E?

    If you submit the form by mail, you have to sign and date it before sending. Sign it only after you double-check all the information. It’s also important to sign additional sheets, if any, to validate them.

Fillable online Form Canada IMM 5257
(4.7 / 5) 90 votes
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