Form IMM 1294, Application for Study Permit Made Outside of Canada

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What Is IMM 1294?

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An IMM 1294 application form is a five-page document used by international students to apply for permission to study in Canada. When submitting the completed template, you will need to attach an acceptance letter and proof that you are financially stable. In some cases, you may also need a certificate of non-conviction, a medical report on the state of health, and a visa.

What do I need the IMM 1294 form for?

  • If you are a foreign citizen and wish to study in Canada, the IMM 1294 form PDF is a required document.

  • This rule applies to all international students, but there are exceptions.

  • If you are a foreign military member and visit Canada under the Visiting Forces Act or are a family member of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, you don’t need to complete the IMM 1294 form Canada. It is also not required for underage students.

Organizations that work with IMM 1294 form Canada:

  • IRCC.

How to Fill In IMM 1294 Form?

Step 1: Open the template in our editor to fill out an application for study permit made outside of Canada online.
Step 2: Provide your personal details, countries where you were resident, marriage status, passport data, and contact information.
Step 3: On the IMM 1294 form, you need to describe your purpose for coming to Canada, which institution you are applying to, your educational background, work or military experience, and key health indicators.
Step 4: Give your consent to the data processing and permission for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) experts to contact you. Sign and date the IMM 1294 Canada form download it to your device, or email it to IRCC.

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Form Versions

2022 Fillable IMM 1294 (September 2022) Fill Out Form
2019 Fillable IMM 1294 (2019) Fill Out Form

FAQ: Canada IMM 1294 Form Popular Questions

  • How do I sign IMM 1294 online?

    With PDFLiner, you can effortlessly create an e-signature on your IMM 1294 form. For it, press the “Sign” field on page five, and “Signature Wizard” will open. You will have three options to choose from, so select the one that is the most convenient for you. You can either upload your existing signature, draw a new one using the drawing tool, or type your full name to create a written variant of your signature and have it inserted in the document.

  • Can I sign digitally on IMM 1294 form?

    Yes, you can sign this form using a digital signature, without the need to print it out and use a pen further. For it, use a handy e-signature feature on the upper toolbar. You don’t have to close the form template and visit another website to have an e-signature in the finished PDF. 

Fillable online Form IMM 1294
(4.1 / 5) 46 votes
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