Adult Simplified Renewal Passport Application

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What is Adult Simplified Renewal Passport Application?

An adult simplified renewal passport application is the document that allows applicants to go through the whole process of passport renewal with ease and in a short time. Usually, the Canadian government does not ask for the guarantor or for the original documents when the person applies for the form.

There is no photo identification that may take extra time and no proof of citizenship if the person uses the template. However, the applicant must still provide two references and two photos to prove that the template is filled by the same person. The document can be used only by Canadian citizens. Yet, Canadian citizens do not have to be in Canada at this time. The person can be in the US.

The rules for providing the template are strict, as with all passport documents. You can’t make mistakes in it or specifically provide false information. You need to add supporting documents there as well. The form was created by Canada officials and citizens have to prove that it can be used in this specific case.

Adult Simplified Renewal Passport Application on PDFLiner

What I need the Adult Simplified Renewal Passport Application for?

  • You can use a Canadian adult simplified renewal passport application if you are a citizen of Canada who lost a passport or it was stolen and you need the simplified procedure for it. You can ask the government for this procedure by filling the specific form. It also contains almost all the aspects of the usual renewal form with several exceptions that cut the application period;
  • If you are a Canadian citizen who is currently in the US and you lost your passport or it was stolen you can contact the officials via the department of Canadian government in the US and ask for a simplified procedure. You may use it if you need to go back to Canada and you can’t do it without your passport.

How to Fill Out Adult Simplified Renewal Passport Application?

To fill an adult simplified renewal passport application form you need to find it in the first place. It is available on the official website of the Canadian government, as well as on the other platforms on the Internet that offer to check out forms online. The official website provides you with brief information about the template and the ability to see the document in PDF.

You can open it and read it. If you want to fill out the form, print it, or download it on your device you can use PDFLiner. This editor provides the tools you need for completing the form online. Once you open it you can print the form and fill it using black or blue ink of the darker shade. Provide the document to the officials. Here is what you need to include there:

  1. Write down the personal information including name, mother’s name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, eye color, height, address, email, and phone number you can be reached at;
  2. Sign the document in the specific frame;
  3. Provide information about the passport that was formerly given to you;
  4. Provide information on your citizenship of Canada;
  5. Add the extra information, including employment status;
  6. Provide references from two persons that are not relatives of you;
  7. Provide information on your emergency contact;
  8. Add two photos to the document.

Adult Simplified Renewal Passport Application on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Adult Simplified Renewal Passport Application

  • Government of Canada;
  • Service Canada Centre.

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