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What Is Form PPTC 056 E?

It is a one-page appendix that Canadian citizens can use to renew their passports. It is a small table for information that does not fit a standard application's fields. This form is optional and cannot be used without the main passport application.

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What do I need form PPTC 056 E for?

  • The only reason you might need to use this form is to provide the passport office with additional information address and occupation for the previous two years.
  • Unfortunately, the main application does not offer enough space to list all addresses and places of work or study.
  • This document is for use by Canadian citizens only.

How to Fill Out Form PPTC 056 E?

  1. Enter your full name and date of birth.
  2. Fill in the first table, which concerns your places of residence. Write down the exact addresses and indicate the periods during which you stayed there.
  3. The next table is for your occupation. Indicate if you were a school student, an employee, or did any other activity during the last two years. Write the places of study or work, the organizations' contact details, and the employment period.
  4. If this form is not enough to list all the places, attach a regular sheet of paper.
  5. Put the date of completion of the file and your signature. Don't forget to write in your main application that you are attaching additional files.

Form PPTC 056 E on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with form PPTC 056 E

  • IRCC

Form Versions

2019 Fillable PPTC 056 E for 2019 Fill Out Form
Fillable online PPTC 056 E - Additional Information - Address and Occupation
(5 / 5) 43 votes
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