Adult General Passport Application, PPTC 153


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What is Adult General Passport Application?

An adult general passport application Canada is also called the PPTC 153 form. This document is one of the most used in Canada. Citizens of Canada who reach 16 years have to apply for a passport. You can do it either from Canada or the US. If you live in another country but are Canadian, you have to use another form.

Those who apply for the passport have to be specific in their templates. One mistake can cost the refusal. If you want to receive the passport, you need to make sure that you have all the documents you need to provide as an attachment. You will need to prove your Canadian citizenship there as well.  Name the documents that can certify your identity.

If you are currently in the US but a Canadian citizen, you can fill out the form and send it to the local Department of Canada Government representatives. If you are younger than 16 but need a passport, use PPTC 155 form, which is Child General Passport Application.

Adult General Passport Application, PPTC 153 on PDFLiner

What do I need the Adult General Passport Application for?

  • Canadian residents who reach 16 years have to apply for PPTC 153 adult general passport application to receive a passport. This document is the main one that proves your identity. Without a passport, you will not be able to use the numerous services that the country provides. You also have to prove that you are Canadian;
  • If you are Canadian but currently in the US, you can still use Canada adult general passport application to apply for the document. You have to do it once you turn 16. You need to send the document to the local department of the Canadian Passport Program;
  • The Canadian government requires the form from Canadians who have reached 16 years old to be able to keep records about their citizens and provide enough support for those who need it.

How to Fill Out Adult General Passport Application?

Canadian passport adult general application can be easily found online on the official website of the Canadian Government. Apart from that, you can find the form totally fillable and ready on PDFLiner. The form contains detailed instructions. Before you use it, read the guide. Once you fill, save the document on your device and send a copy to the Canada Government. You can do it online or via official departments.

You have to add photos, original proof of Canadian citizenship, documents to support your identity, and travel documents, if you have one. You also need to pay the fee of $160 Canadian dollars for 10 years and $120 Canadian dollars for 5 years. Here is what you need to indicate in the form:

  1. Provide personal data about you, including name, mother’s maiden name, birthplace, date of birth, gender, eye color, height, home address, phone number, and email;
  2. Sign the document in the specific box;
  3. Provide a declaration of the guarantor, including name, address, phone, and signature;
  4. Provide information about travel documents you have;
  5. Fill in the section about Canadian citizenship. Provide the document that proves your citizenship;
  6. Describe the document that supports your identity;
  7. Add extra information if you need it.

Adult General Passport Application, PPTC 153

Organizations that work with Adult General Passport Application

  • Government of Canada;
  • Officials at Passport Program.
Fillable online Adult General Passport Application, PPTC 153
(5 / 5) 57 votes
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