T1235 Directors Trustees and Like Officials Worksheet


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What Is the T1235 Form? 

It’s a document utilized by Canadian charitable organizations, public foundations, or private foundations for the purpose of their directors’ identification. Canada Revenue Agency is where this file should be submitted. 

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What I Need the T1235 Form For?

If you’re in Canada, you need this form for identification purposes in relation to a charitable entity officials. Aside from this template, here on PDFLiner, you can also find an abundance of other fillable forms ready to be modified in accordance with your standards and preferences. 

How to Fill Out the Form T1235 Directors Trustees?

The form consists of two pages. The first page is fillable, while the second one contains important instructions to follow. Here’s what you need to indicate in the first part of the document:

  1. The total number of officials.

  2. Charity name and business number.

  3. List of the officials’ names and other identification info.

  4. Return for fiscal period ending.

Now that you’ve found this 100% customizable form, you’re free to make use of it. Equip yourself with the PDFLiner advanced features and fill it out the way you see fit. Transferring to the digital formats of processing your documents frees loads of your time and allows you to automate your overall document workflow. PDF forms are a breeze to open, read, edit, and share, especially if you have our platform at your 24/7 disposal.

Organizations That Work With the Form T1235 Directors Trustees Worksheet

  • Canada Revenue Agency.

Fillable online T1235 Directors Trustees and Like Officials Worksheet
(4.6 / 5) 86 votes
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