HIPAA Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements


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Get your HIPAA Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements in 3 easy steps

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  • 02 Sign it online Sign HIPAA Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • 03 Export or print immediately Export HIPAA Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements

What is HIPAA Employee Confidentiality Agreement form?

The fillable HIPAA Employee Confidentiality Agreement is a business form that was made to ensure that the health organization employee will keep the personal information in secrecy. This is a standard form, and it is not related to the tax calculations. You can download the HIPAA Employee Confidentiality Agreement to make sure that access to the information of the specific organization is kept under the no-disclosure deal.

What I need the HIPAA Employee Confidentiality Agreement for?

  • The blank is used by health organizations or other organizations that keep medical records to make sure that their employees do not reveal personal information of patients;
  • It is used for the Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 arrangement;
  • This form ensures that no one will reveal the personal information from the medical records;
  • The medical information under this act must stay protected while being available to the employees for the highest level of healthcare.

How to fill out the HIPAA Employee Confidentiality Agreement?

There is a pdf version of the document available on this website. It is not big, and all you need to do is sign your name and personal information. The form is free of charge. You can download it and print it or use it online. There is a signature that is required, but you can put the electronic signature and send it to the organization that asks for the agreement. The form requires the next information from you:

  • Put the current date you sign this agreement;
  • Put the name of the healthcare facility and the name of the employee;
  • Put the name of the state in the appropriate line in section 8;
  • Sign the document on the last page, write down the date one more time;
  • Put the Print Name.

Organizations that work with HIPAA Employee Confidentiality Agreement

  • Any healthcare organization that works with personal information.
Fillable online HIPAA Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements
(5 / 5) 56 votes
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