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What is Form DA 2823?

The DA form 2823 is also called a sworn statement and it is regulated by the Privacy Act Statement. The statement must be also given under oath. This template is widely used by the Army. It can document any evidence that will be later used during the appropriate investigation or just the informal counseling. Based on the specific case, officials can start the trial, taking the template filled under the oath into consideration. Usually, the DA form 2823 PDF fillable version can be used by any witness that has relations to the army. A witness can use any type of statement, whether it is narrative testimony or questions and answers. If the case requires evidence, the witness can mention it and attach it.

There is a Privacy Act statement that is required from the witness until a specific amount of time. However, this procedure can be agreed upon with the witness and authority, based on the case. A witness can also consult the legal advisor too before you use DA form 2823 fillable PDF.

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What I need the Form DA 2823 for?

  • As a witness, you may need 2823 DA form to report the details of the incident you’ve seen. You may also need it to provide the information to the authorities. This statement will be kept private by officials only;

  • The DA form 2823 download option is available for anyone who works within the army. It can be used for informal counseling if the person requires to approach authorities and ask for advice;

  • Army officials also rely on DA form 2823 fillable download version to make sure that the information on any incident will be revealed and the witness came out.

How to fill out Form DA 2823?

You will find DA form 2823 blank on the official website of the DA Office of Personnel Management. You may also discover it on any other website that offers templates. There you will be able to read and download the form. To fill the document online you need an editor that works with PDF documents, like PDFLiner. This one does not require any specific preparations from you. You don’t have to download the form or software on your device since you can work online. Fill in each section in the form after you enter it. After that, download it on your computer and keep it just in case. The DA form 2823 printable version allows you to print the document and send it via regular mail. You can also use email or hand in the paper version manually. Here is what you need to include in the document:

  1. Provide the location, date, and time when you write the document;

  2. Include your personal information like name, SSN, status, address of the organization;

  3. Share the statement that you want to include in the document. You can describe the case in detail. The statement is under oath;

  4. Provide the exact date of the statement;

  5. Sign the affidavit.

Organizations that work with Form DA 2823

  • Department of Veterans Affairs;

  • Office of Personnel Management;

  • Local or federal law enforcement.  

Fillable online Form DA 2823
(5 / 5) 52 votes
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