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1. What is the 14017 form?

The fillable 14017 form is used for the Fast Track Settlement process. It must be filed to the IRS in the form of a request. The form is known as an application for the FTS process. After you download 14017, you can ask for the assistance of the Independent Office of Appeals of IRS. You may check whether your request is suitable for this form by using the 5701 and 886-A forms.

Form 14017 on PDFLiner

2. What I need the 14017 form for?

  • File the blank of this form if you want to order the Fast Track Settlement process for any purpose;
  • Only a person who pays tax can make a request for the IRS department Independent Office of Appeals;
  • If you, your spouse, or your business partner require the FTS process from the IRS, you can apply the document by yourself. However, you will need the signature of all the participants of this request.

3. How to fill out the 14017 form?

There are detailed instructions in this pdf document. You can download it for free from this page and print it if you want to practice filling the document. You can also use the online form on the IRS page. The document is not big, but you have to be cautious with the details it requires. The IRS may ask you to disclose the personal information to grant you the services you ask.

Follow the instructions:

  • State your name, address, name of the representative, TIN, phone number;
  • Name the examination group or the team manager, including the state, city, address, phone;
  • Mention other participants of this process, including their names, positions, and phones;
  • Put your signature and date, your spouse’s signature, representative, and other active participants.

Signing Form 14017 on PDFLiner

4. Organizations that work with the 14017 form

  • It must be filed with the IRS.
Fillable online Form 14017
(4.5 / 5) 55 votes
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