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1. What is Form 4506-C?

Form 4506-C is intended to allow the authorized IVES participants to get a transcript of the tax return with the taxpayer’s permission. With this form, you can choose which transcripts you want to get for free. 

2. What I need Form 4506-C for?

  • If you’re an IVES participant, you can order the transcript records online;
  • With the new version of the fillable form, you may ask for the transcript of the tax return for the third parties. 

3. How to fill out a 4506-C form? 

To get a copy of the transcript, you need to enter your tax form number after you download Form 4506-C in PDF format. Also, the document requires more information about you as an IVES participant. You should fill out your current address, city, ZIP code, and the previous one if it was noted in the pdf return. The name you indicate should be the same as on your tax return. 

After you have finished the first part of the blank, you can choose the documents you want to get. You may request only those business returns that you need at this moment. Consider that if the form is used for getting a copy of some specific transcripts, they may require additional documents. Be sure that when you sign the form, all the applicable lines are filled when you print it. 

4. Organizations that work with a 4506-C form

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

How to fill out a 4506-C form?

Step 1. Access PDFLiner’s fillable PDF version of the form.

Step 2. Use the PDF editor functionality to fill in each text field according to the instructions on the last page, using the Next button or Tab to switch between the fields.

Step 3. Fill in the two fields marked as Sign Field with the respective e-signatures by clicking on them and choosing the method that suits you best.

FAQ: 4506-C Form Popular Questions

What is the purpose of 4506-C?

Authorized participants in the Income Verification Express Service, or IVES, use the form to obtain tax transcripts with the taxpayer’s permission.

How to sign a 4506-С form?

In the bottom part of the page, there are two Sign Fields to be e-signed, click on them to open the Signature Wizard and choose the appropriate signing method.

What is the difference between 4506-C and 4506-T?

While 4506-C is used by third parties to request a transcript, 4506-T is to be filled out by a taxpayer.

Can I file form 4506-С online?

Yes, you can. The option is only available to registered users who can provide their SSN, birth date, filing status, and mailing address based on the most recent tax return and have access to their email account as well as a personal account number.

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  • Linda Brown
    Store Owner
    I’ve been using PDFLiner for a while now to report my taxes, but I never knew it had so much more to offer until the lockdown struck when I had to ask for a loan to support my business. It turned out you can also get a blank 4506-C so that your creditor can find out what you’ve been up to recently. Very helpful.
  • Aaron Lewis
    Self-Employed Technician
    I bumped into PDFLiner when roaming the Web for a 4506-C PDF that I could conveniently fill out and send to the organization that had requested it. The PDF editor I was using at that time didn’t have it. I soon realized it was generally more intuitive and had more helpful features, so I switched to it for all my PDFs.
  • Sally Horne
    Financial Advisor
    I’ve been helping my customers a lot with loan-related issues in the recent couple of years. 4506-C is a much-requested document, and PDFLiner has this fillable form as a PDF, which I appreciate. With it, I can add notes right on top of the form and quickly share it with clients for efficient collaboration.
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