Form 1098 (2021)


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1. What is a 1098 2021 Form?

The IRS Form 1098 for 2021 is the Mortgage Interest Statement tax form for 2021. If you are looking for a current version of Form 1098 you can also find it on PDFLiner. This form allows taxpayers to report personal information and the details of the mortgage interest received to the IRS by the end of the tax year (TY). You have to file this form along with the 1096 Form.

2. What I need the 1098 Form for?

  • File the fillable Form 1098 if you receive $600 or more of mortgage interest on the course of taking part in a trade or business;
  • Fill the blank if you receive $600 or more MIP (Mortgage insurance premiums) from a trade or business. This rule currently applies only to 2021;
  • You don’t have to file 1098 if you don’t receive any interest in the course of the trade or business and you have the mortgage on your previous personal residence. 

3. How to fill out Form 1098?

You have to fill 2 copies of the form and file, the first to the IRS and the second to your payer/borrower. 

  • Check the Void or Corrected box;

Form 1098 (2021) screenshot step 1

  • Provide the information of the recipient/lender, including name, address, TIN;

Form 1098 (2021) screenshot step 2

  • Enter payer’s/borrower’s information (name, address, TIN);

Form 1098 (2021) screenshot step 3

  • Claim the number of properties that secure the mortgage;

Form 1098 (2021) screenshot step 4

  • Provide your account number;

Form 1098 (2021) screenshot step 5

  • Enter the amount of mortgage interest received;

Form 1098 (2021) screenshot step 6

  • Enter the amount of MIP, mortgage principal, overpaid interest refund, etc.;

Form 1098 (2021) screenshot step 7

  • State mortgage acquisition date;

Form 1098 (2021) screenshot step 8

  • Copy the information onto the second sheet and sign/date both.

You can benefit from using PFDLiner’s library and download Form 1098 for free. We also provide an online PDF editor that can be used for filling out your 1098

4. Organizations that work with Form 1098

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

Relevant to Form 1098 (2021) Documents:

Fillable online Form 1098 (2021)
(5 / 5) 105 votes
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