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What is IRS Form 1098 Mortgage Interest 2024?

IRS Form 1098 is a necessary tax document for filling for those who are preparing to take a mortgage. This document is filled out by lenders and issued to borrowers.

What I need IRS 1098 2023-2024 in for? 

  • Blank 1098 is used for reporting to the US government about any kind of information related to lenders, borrowers, or mortgage;
  • To show an amount of taxes paid during the year;
  • File 1098 is required to fill only if you’re engaged in a trade or business and get $600 or more of hypothec interest.
  • If you don't receive interest, do not fill out the document.

Filling out IRS Form 1098

The process of the form completion is quite easy and fast, despite the fact it’s pretty long. Blank 1098 consists of two parts:

  • The left part provides information about lenders and borrowers: names, addresses, so on;

Form 1098 screenshot step 1

  • The right side has 9 boxes. In the first one, enter mortgage interest. In the second 2 — mortgage principal as of January 1st. At the third insert date of the mortgage. In Box 4 fill in a refund of overpaid interest. In Box 5 write down insurance premiums. The sixth box is for points paid on a purchase of a principal residence. In Boxes 7-9 — property and addresses.

Form 1098 screenshot step 2

Form Versions

2020 Fillable Form 1098 (2020) Fill Out Form
2021 Fillable Form 1098 (2021) Fill Out Form
Fillable online Form 1098 (2023)
(4.8 / 5) 74 votes
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