Florida Quit Claim Deed


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What is Florida Quit Claim Deed?

Florida quit claim deed is the local document that allows one party to transfer the property to another party without making any guarantees of the title. The one that receives the property is called the grantee in the document. This form is legal in Florida since the whole procedure is approved by the law of the state. Yet, if you want to use this same form in another state, the document may be illegal.

You have to consult with your attorney and find the document matching your demands. This form is widely used in Florida as the least expensive and easy way to provide title property to the grantee by the grantor. You can use the Florida quitclaim deed after the consultation with the attorney to make sure that you pick the right template.

There is a standard document you may find online. Use it to secure your own interests. Make sure that the property can be claimed under this law.

Florida Quit Claim Deed on PDFLiner

What I need the Florida Quit Claim Deed for?

  • As a person who wants to transfer the property to the other party, you need to use a quit claim deed Florida if you want to simplify the whole process. You will pay less for the procedure, and it will be quicker. At the same time, you have to warn the other party that there will be no extra guarantees on the property from you;
  • As the grantee, you may use the quitclaim deed form Florida to avoid complicated procedures on the property’s transfer. You have to be a resident of Florida or have a property in Florida to be able to use this document. Check out whether your interests are revealed in the document before you sign it.

How to Fill Out Florida Quit Claim Deed?

Once you find the form online, you need to learn how to fill out quit claim deed Florida. Make sure that the document matches your demands and suits perfectly for your situation. If the property is not in Florida, you can’t use the quit claim deed. You also need to consult the attorney about the whole procedure to avoid misunderstanding.

The template is available on PDFLiner. Press on its icon to open it and use the tools you see in front of you to complete the empty sections you need to complete. The form contains a description of each section, so you will not get lost there. Save the filled document on your device and send the copy to the other party. You can print and hand the document to the other party or attorney. The standard form must contain the following information:

  1. Provide the data on the person who filled the document, including name and address;
  2. Put down the date when the agreement was made;
  3. Provide the address and the name of the grantee and grantor;
  4. Name the county you belong to;
  5. Describe the property;
  6. Ask witnesses to sign the document and provide your own signature;
  7. Ask the grantee to sign the document and provide the name.

Florida Quit Claim Deed

Organizations that work with Florida Quit Claim Deed

  • State of Florida authorities;
  • Notaries who work in the state of Florida.
Fillable online Florida Quit Claim Deed
(4.7 / 5) 111 votes
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