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What is a Delaware Quitclaim Deed form?

Delaware Quitclaim Deed is used for transferring property (house, land) or ownership interest from one person (a seller/grantor) to another (a buyer/grantee). Like all documents of this type, the blank consists of one page. Additionally (depending on the county), you may need some papers like New Property Owner Information.

What do I need the Delaware Quitclaim Deed for?

  • This PDF form should be completed if you want to transfer your property or a part of it to someone.
  • Since it does not guarantee that the seller actually has such a right, these transactions are usually concluded between spouses, family members, or acquaintances.
  • Also, using the fillable Delaware Quitclaim Deed, you can donate real estate to a business or enterprise at your discretion.
  • This document format is only valid in the state of Delaware and its counties.

How to fill out Delaware Quitclaim Deed?

It is a simple paper to fill out, for which you need the signatures of both parties and the notary's certification.

  • Open the editor on our website to fill the document online. In the first line, you should write the date of signing this paper and indicate the interested parties.
  • Next, put the amount in dollars, which the buyer agrees to pay to the seller.
  • The second half of the form is devoted to the notarial confirmation of this transaction's validity.
  • When both parties and the notary put their signatures, download Delaware Quitclaim Deed to your device. Also, you can print the paper or send it by email or fax from our website for free. 
  • Before filling it with the appropriate authorities, check which additional documents you may need.

Organizations that work with Delaware Quitclaim Deed

  • County Clerk's Office
Fillable online Delaware Quitclaim Deed
(4.8 / 5) 72 votes
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