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What are Bookkeeping Agreement Templates?

You need to be aware of what is a Bookkeeping Agreement Template form to hire yourself an accountant. This blank is filled out between the client and the accountant on the provision of services. The form spells out the terms of cooperation, the responsibilities of the parties, duties, and the cost of services. Fillable Bookkeeping Agreement Templates can be signed between the accountant and the client once for the entire period of cooperation or signed every month when the conditions are updated. 

What do I need the Bookkeeping Agreement Templates for?

Use this document to:

  • Describe the requirements and working conditions of the accountant you are hiring;
  • Describe the data the hired accountant has access to (for example, bank account and credit history information).

You don't have to print out this form and have it notarized. You can use an online digital signature to sign the document and send it to your accountant, keeping one copy with you. 

How to fill out Bookkeeping Agreement Templates?

You may have questions about how to fill out Bookkeeping Agreement Templates. The form describes all items in detail. In the first section, you need to identify the parties to the contract. This is followed by a description of the terms of cooperation and the amount of payment (for example, $20 per hour). The last section of the document is signed and dated. 

You can download Bookkeeping Agreement Templates as a PDF completely free of charge and read the form before filling it out. 

Organizations that work with Bookkeeping Agreement Templates

  • Any commercial and government organizations, lawyers, notaries, banks. 
Fillable online Bookkeeping Contract Template
(4.7 / 5) 34 votes
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