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Get your Tennessee Real Estate Contract in 3 easy steps

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How to Redact and Fill Out Tennessee Real Estate Contract Online

Here are the steps you should take to redact and fill out a Tennessee real estate sales contract:

  1. Obtain a Tennessee real estate for sale by owner contract template.
  2. Use a redaction tool or software.
  3. Fill out the Tennessee real estate contract pdf completely and accurately, providing the requested information.
  4. Include any addendums or disclosures that are required by the state of Tennessee, such as a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure or a Property Disclosure Condition.
  5. Review the contract to ensure that all the information is correct and complete.
  6. Get all parties involved to sign and date the Tennessee real estate contract.
  7. Submit the contract to the appropriate parties, such as the seller, the buyer, and the real estate agent.
  8. Keep a copy of the real estate contract form Tennessee and any attachments for your records.
  9. Contact a real estate agent or attorney if you have any questions or need assistance with the process.

What Should Tennessee Real Estate Contract Include

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Nowadays, Tennessee real estate contract for sale by owner should include the following information:

  • Personal: such as the name, address, and contact information of the buyer and the seller
  • Property: including the address, legal description, and any pertinent information about the property, such as the size of the property and any improvements made to it
  • Purchase price and terms of the sale, such as the down payment, financing arrangements, and closing date
  • Any contingencies or special terms, such as a home inspection or a contingency based on the buyer obtaining financing
  • Any addendums or disclosures required by the state of Tennessee, such as a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure or a Property Disclosure Condition
  • A section for the parties to indicate names, signatures, and the date of the contract

When to Request a Form Tennessee Real Estate Contract

Your best bet is to request a Tennessee real estate contract when you have found the property you want to purchase and have agreed to the terms of the sale with the seller. Usually a contract is drafted by a real estate agent or attorney, and it is a legally binding agreement between the buyer and seller.

Tennessee Real Estate Contract Popular Questions

  • How do I bind a real estate contract electronically in Tennessee?

    In Tennessee, electronic signatures are legally binding on real estate contracts as per the Tennessee Electronic Transactions Act. To sign a document electronically, you should use one electronic signature service.

Fillable online Tennessee Real Estate Contract
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