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What Is a BIR Form 1902?

In essence, the 1902 BIR form is a document used by individuals who are not yet registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Individuals such as locally hired or resident alien employees, non-resident citizens receiving income from sources within the Philippines, and non-resident alien employees are required to fill out this form.

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Importance of your BIR 1902 form

The importance of completing your BIR 1902 Form correctly cannot be overstated. The Philippine government uses these forms to determine who is generating income within the country and as a result, owes taxes. Furthermore, this document is crucial for transactions relating to insurance, loans, overseas travel, and passport renewal, to name a few.

How to Fill Out the BIR 1902 Form PDF

Completing the 1902 form BIR can seem like a puzzle if you're unaccustomed to it, but with careful reading and thorough attention to detail, it can be cracked in no time. Remember to ensure that the BIR Form 1902 download pdf you obtained is the current and updated version to avoid any potential discrepancies during your registration. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Under the 'Taxpayer/Employee Information' section, first fill out 'PhilSys Number (PSN)'. Put in the 13-digit number assigned by the Philippine System Identification number.
  2. Next, select your taxpayer type from the options given i.e. Local, Resident Alien, or Special Non-Resident Alien.
  3. 'BIR Registration Date' and 'RDO Code' are to be filled by the BIR. Leave them blank.
  4. Then, if you have one, provide your 'Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)' which is a unique ID issued by the BIR to tax-paying individuals and businesses.
  5. Proceed to fill in your complete name in the 'Taxpayer’s Name' section.
  6. In the section marked 'Gender', select the appropriate option i.e. Male/Female. For 'Civil Status', choose if you're Single, Married, a Widow/er, or Legally Separated.
  7. Fill out your date of birth in MM/DD/YYYY format in the 'Date of Birth' field.
  8. In the 'Place of Birth' field, write down your city or province of birth.
  9. Next, provide your parents' names in the 'Mother’s Maiden Name' and 'Father’s Name' fields.
  10. In the 'Citizenship' field, specify your nationality.
  11. Write your complete residential address in the 'Local Residence Address' section.
  12. Fill in your foreign address in the 'Foreign Address' field, if applicable.
  13. 'Municipality Code' is filled out by the BIR. Leave it unfilled.
  14. Fill in the 'Identification Details' section. Include type of ID, ID number, date of issuance and expiry, issuer, and the place/country of issue.
  15. In the 'Preferred Contact Type' field, choose Landline No. or Mobile Number.
  16. Input your email address under 'Email Address'. This is a required field.
  17. Fill out the 'Spouse Information' section if applicable. List down your spouse’s employment status, full name, TIN, and employer’s name and TIN.
  18. For individuals with two or more employers within the year, provide the 'Name of Employer' and 'TIN of Employer' for each employer in the indicated boxes.
  19. Signed the form under 'Taxpayer/Authorized Representative'.
  20. Under 'Current Employer Information', indicate the type of registering office from options provided.
  21. Provide your Employer’s TIN, RDO Code, Name, and Address. 
  22. Fill out the 'Contact Details' field.
  23. Lastly, provide the 'Relationship Start Date/Date Employee was Hired' in MM/DD/YYYY format. 
  24. Keep the 'Municipality Code' field blank to be filled out by BIR.  

Advantages of BIR 1902 PDF form

Utilizing the BIR 1902 form in PDF format comes with several advantages that are worth exploring. These benefits stand to make your experience more manageable, efficient, and less stressful.

  • Streamlined Process: One of the worst experiences is getting halfway through a form, making a mistake, and then having to start all over because it can't be easily corrected. A PDF allows you to avoid such hassles. You can quickly rectify your errors with a simple click without needing to fill out the entire form again.
  • Convenience: This form 1902 BIR in PDF allows for flexibility. You can complete this form from anywhere, be it your home, office, or while on the go. All you need is a device and an internet connection.
  • Availability: Unlike physical copies, a PDF will always be accessible online. You do not need to visit any office or wait for working hours to pick one up. Furthermore, the BIR 1902 form downloads for free from the PDFLiner, and it is easy to email or print for your records or submit to the concerned authorities.
  • Environment Friendly: Using an electronic version significantly reduces paper waste, contributing to conserving the environment. This is an effective way to participate in eco-friendly practices while tending to your civic responsibilities.
Fillable online BIR Form 1902
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