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What Is PH BIR 2316?

BIR 2316 is the document that determines the compensation given by an employer to an employee. It is also known as the Certificate of Compensation Payment or Income Tax Withheld.

What I need PH BIR 2316 for? 

The Form must be issued by the employer to any employee until the 31st of January of the current year. The document defines the level of compensation for every employee, such as wages, salary, or other types of remuneration. So, if you work for a company, you are required to submit BIR 2316. 

Filling out PH BIR 2316 

The Form consists of one page and has 59 rows. It is divided into four parts:

  • Part I contains the questions about an employee, such as TIN, name, addresses (registered, local home, and foreign), date of birth, exemption status, and so on;

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  • Part II covers the information about the present employer. It has only four rows: TIN, name, address, and ZIP;

PH BIR 2316 screenshot step 2

  • Part III is about the previous employer. The fields are the same as in Part II;

PH BIR 2316 screenshot step 3

  • Part IV breaks down into two sections: A and B. A summaries the information about taxes and payments, B contains the details about compensation income and taxes.  

PH BIR 2316 screenshot step 4

Organizations that work with PH BIR 2316 

  • Any employer.

Relevant to BIR 2316:

Form Versions

2008 Fillable PH BIR 2316 (2008) Fill Out Form
2018 Fillable PH BIR 2316 (2018) Fill Out Form

FAQ: BIR form 2316 Popular Questions

  • What is form 2316 BIR Form?

    Form 2316 is a tax certificate issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) that indicates the amount of taxes that an individual or company has paid for a certain taxable period.

  • Who is required to file BIR form 2316?

    Employers are required to file form 2316 for their employees.

  • What are the penalties for not filing BIR 2316 form?

    The penalties for not filing form 2316 can include a fine of up to P5,000 and imprisonment of up to one year.

  • How can I get a copy of form 2316 of BIR?

    You can get a copy of form 2316 from the BIR office or website.

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