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What Is BIR Form 1904

Also known as Application for Registration, it’s a document used in the Philippines for individuals seeking to register as a new taxpayer. This form is typically submitted by individuals starting a new business, establishing themselves as self-employed individuals, or registering mixed-income earnerі. It collects relevant personal information, tax types, and tax obligations to ensure proper registration with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

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What is 1904 BIR form used for

Form 1904 BIR serves a crucial purpose in the Philippines' tax system, specifically for individuals registering as new taxpayers. Its main uses include:

  • application for new taxpayer registration;
  • establishing individuals as self-employed individuals or mixed-income earners;
  • enabling individuals to start a new business venture;
  • collecting personal information, tax types, and obligations to ensure proper registration with the BIR;
  • ensuring compliance with tax regulations and facilitating tax administration for new taxpayers.

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How to Fill Out BIR 1904 Form PDF

Filling out BIR Form 1904 printable in PDF format is a straightforward process that helps you register as a new taxpayer in the Philippines. Follow these steps for accurate completion:

  1. Access the 1904 Form BIR via our extensive template catalog.
  2. Open the form ASAP and review it for maximum understanding.
  3. Enter your name, address, contact details, and Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  4. Select the applicable tax type and specify your tax obligations.
  5. Include necessary supporting documents, such as proof of identification and business permits.
  6. Carefully review the completed form, then sign electronically using PDFLiner's e-signature feature.

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How to file BIR application form 1904

After completing the form and printing it out, don’t forget to double-check it to ensure maximum accuracy. Prepare required attachments like valid IDs, proof of address, and business permits. Then submit the accomplished form and attachments in person at the nearest BIR Revenue District Office. After verification, you'll receive your Certificate of Registration, which validates your status as a new taxpayer.

Fillable online BIR Form 1904
(4.5 / 5) 55 votes
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