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95 Department of Defense Templates

  • DD Form 2215
    What is the blank DD Form 2215? The printable blank DD Form 2215 is used by the employees of the Department of Defense and its components to record initial audiometric test results. What I need the blank DD Form 2215 for? To record initial audiometric test results How to fill out the blank DD Form 2215? The form consists of one page and 25 main sections. Sections 1-14 are filled out with introductory and contact information, including the ZIP code, DoD component, SSN, name, date of birth, address of residency, address of work and other. Section 15 is used to state the reason for conducting an audiogram and requires you to enter the number of the corresponding reason specified in this section. Sections 16-24 are devoted to the results of audiometric tests. These sections are filled out with audiometric data, date of audiogram, hours since last noise exposure, name of the examiner and others. The last section is filled out with the remarks of the examiner. Organizations that work with the blank DD Form 2215 Department of Defense
  • DD Form 2962
    What is DD Form 2962? The fillable DD Form 2962 is also known as the Personnel Security System Access Request. The form was created by the US Department of Defense. People who download DD Form 2962 must answer the demands of the US DoD to receive access. This is not a business deal. This form is also not a necessary form to fill by US citizens. There is no deadline. What I need the DD Form 2962 for? The blank is returned to the DMDC Contact Center or Account Manager to provide the information about the person who requires access to the security system; This form is used for receiving the data about the person who wants to receive access to the security system; The form must prove the trustworthiness of the applicant who wants to receive access to the DCII, JAMS, JCAVS, or SWIFT; This form is usually mistaken with DA Form 2962 Security Termination Statement that is also used in the US Army. Make sure you are using the right one. How to fill out DD Form 2962? You can easily download the pdf version of the form on this page. However, without the approval of the authorities you need, it will not be accepted. The form is free of charge. You have to print it to pass to the Account Manager. Sometimes you may fill it online and send it electronically. There are detailed instructions in the form. It is recommended to read them in advance. You have to state in the form: Your personal information, name, phone, organization, citizenship, SSN, date of birth, your designation; Permissions you want to receive and details of application; Training certificates; Your signature and date; Signature and name of nominating official; Official’s verification. Organizations that work with DD Form 2962 Department of Defense Personnel Security Program.
  • DD Form 2535
    DD Form 2535
  • DD Form 1608, Unsatisfactory Material Report
    DD Form 1608, Unsatisfactory Material Report 
  • DD Form 1746
    What is the DD Form 1746? The fillable DD Form 1746 is an application for assignment to housing that is filled out and sent to the United States Department of Defense. What I need the DD Form 1746 for? To apply yourself for being provided with military and/or community housing. How to fill out the DD Form 1746? The printable DD Form 1746 consists of two pages. All the fields to fill out are on the first page, while the second page is devoted to the detailed instructions. The first page contains 6 main sections for the applicant to fill out. The first section implies providing the Department of Defense with your information. It is necessary to enter your name, social security number, contact information, marital status and many more. The second section requires the applicant to enter the details on their military career. Section 3 is devoted to the dependent data: there the applicant has to list all the dependents residing with them and describe the relationships with them. Section four is called “Housing Data”. In order to properly fill it out, it is necessary to select the desired details of the housing and check the corresponding boxes. There is also an additional field for remarks on the housing data and a field for signature of the applicant. The last section is pre-filled and only requires the applicant to sign the document and indicate the date. Organizations that work with the DD Form 1746 The United States Department of Defense
  • DD Form 375
    DD Form 375
  • DD Form1299
    DD Form1299
  • DD Form 2974
    DD Form 2974
  • Form DD-214
    Form DD-214
  • DD 1172 Form
    What is DD 1172? DD 1172 is a form of application that must be completed by recipients for receiving identification cards and DEERS enrollment. This is a Department of Defense form. This form is needed in case you want to receive the ID card and helps you to take part in various benefits programs as a military member or dependent. What I need the DD 1172 for? You need DD 1172 form to: Receive an identification card that will let you access military facilities and organizations; Take part in a program of benefits for military employees and their dependents; Enroll in DEERS program. There is no due date. You will find the form on the official website of the Department of Defense documentation. It can be supplied online or through your command leader. The form activates right after the Department of Defense officials receive it. Filling out DD 1172 This is a one-page long document. You have to fill specific sections. Go step by step via the form, filling out the lines: If you are an employee or a sponsor, you have to fill out Section 1, providing detailed information about you: name, SSN, status, organization, pay grade, citizenship, date of birth, home address, phone number, and so on. Section 2 must contain remarks about your assignment. Sometimes this section is already filled out by the organization you work in; Section 3 is about the sponsoring office: name, address, contact number, etc; Part 4 contains information about dependent if you have one. If you don’t have, just leave the section blank; Section 5 is for the receipt of the card. Organizations that work with DD 1172 Department of Defense; Private organizations that want to become sponsors.
  • DD 1172-2 form
    What is DD 1172-2 form? DD 1172-2 is the official form in the DEERS or Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System for those who want to receive an ID card. This form is used to enroll for DEERS with a goal to earn or renew your current ID card. You have to provide documents that confirm you are a sponsor of a dependent person, in case you want to apply instead of the receiver. What I need the DD 1172-2 for? This form must be filled out by anyone who wants to receive an ID card, being on active duty, in the reserves, or retired service member; You can renew your ID card via this form; The ID card is required to enter the government facilities and systems; You need an ID card to receive the service benefits; Anyone who wants DEERS enrollment requires this form. This form does not have any specific due date. You may complete it when you need the ID. After you fill out the form, it won’t take long to receive an answer. Filling Out DD 1172-2 This form consists of 6 sections, and you have to pay attention to every line you are filling out. Make sure you don’t miss anything in the form that must be completed. Make sure you own the information to fill out the form: Section 1 is for information about an employee or a sponsor; Section 2 is for the employee/sponsor’s remarks and declaration; Section 3 is for information concerning the office of the sponsor; Section 4 contains lines on the verification; Section 5 is about the dependent: detailed information; Section 6 must contain details on the card receipt. Sponsors need to fill out 1, 2, and 5 sections. The employee fills out 1 and 2 sections. The Department of Defence fills out the third section. Organizations that work with DD 1172-2 Private organizations that want to become sponsors; Department of Defence.
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