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95 Department of Defense Templates

  • DD Form 2648
    What is the DD Form 2648? The fillable DD Form 2648 is used for the active component, active guard reserve, active reserve, full-time support, and reserve program administrator. Download the DD Form 2648 to count the benefits and preseparation services provided to the Service members. This is not a business agreement. It is an official record and preseparation counseling checklist. What I need the DD Form 2648 for? The blank can be filled to record the preseparation services and benefits on the request of the Service members; It is used for the  identification of the person’s spheres of interest in the Individual Transition Plan; This document is used for the personnel official file. It is saved there during the whole service period; The form must be filed no later than 90 days until the separation date, and the SSN disclosure is mandatory. How to fill out theDD Form 2648? This pdf form is available on this page, and you can download it for free. The form can be also completed online. You can also print and fill the form before sending it to the Preseparation Counseling. It is 5 pages long. Before you start filling it, ensure to make yourself familiar with this document. The section you have to complete: Personal information, including the name, SSN, grade, date of birth, service, component, duty station, date of separation; After reading the instructions in the particular section, you have to write your name and SSN; Section 4 contains the checklist you have to complete; Section 5 is for language skills and regional expertise information. Put the ticks in the appropriate boxes; Sign your name and date. Organizations that work with the DD Form 2648 Preseparation Counseling; The US officials.
  • DD Form 2367
    What is DD Form 2367? DD Form 2367 is a form that was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1999. This document is to be filled out by service members who are serving in another nation. The blank involves a request for an overseas rental allowance if service members have not been provided housing at their duty station. The allowance is paid in accordance with the request. View and download DD Form 2367 for free on the website to provide the form as requested.  What do I need the DD Form 2367 for? Learn more about what is a DD Form 2367. This will help you fill out the DD Form 2367 correctly and keep you from making mistakes.  Use this form to notify your military superior or supervisor about the housing you are renting while you are on active duty or deployed overseas. The document includes all the necessary information about the housing, the cost, and the terms of payment for utilities. This will help you receive full financial compensation for your rent.  Today you can fill out this document online and send it by e-mail in PDF format to the recipient. You can also print the form, fill it in manually and send it by regular mail.  How to fill out a DD Form 2367 You should know in detail how to fill out DD Form 2367. This document contains several important items that you will have to fill out: Applicant's contact information and military service information; Address of rental housing in the country of service; The cost of the rental housing; Additional expenses related to utility bills. All of this should be described in detail in the appropriate paragraphs.  Organizations that work with DD Form 2367 United States Department of Defense
  • DD Form 1540
    DD Form 1540
  • DD Form 2494
    DD Form 2494
  • DD Form 2653
    DD Form 2653
  • DD Form 1354
    What is the DD Form 1354? DD Form 1354 is used by military departments to legally transfer the real property of the Department of Defense. What I need the DD Form 1354 for? To legally send or accept the real military property to or from another military department; To list all the items transferred between the military departments; To state all the necessary details about the transfer. How to fill out the DD Form 1354? The fillable DD Form 1354 consists of two pages. There are detailed instructions on how to fill each section on the second page. To correctly fill the DD Form 1354, it is necessary to: Specify the sender and the receiver of the real DoD property; Enter the necessary details, including the date, the serial number, the transaction details and more; List all the items that are transferred and enter all the details, including facility numbers, category codes, quantities, fund sources, interest codes, remarks and more; Leave your signature at the bottom of the form. The receiver shall also leave a signature on the document. Organizations that work with DD Form 1354 Military departments and other military agencies.
  • DD Form 1149
    What is DD Form 1149? Fillable DD Form 1149 is a form that was created by DoD (Department of Defense) in order to record all the invoices and shipping procedures of different materials between shipping party and receiver. DD Form 1149 is required for parties who work under DoD jurisdiction. What I need DD Form 1149 form? You can download DD Form 1149 for free and fill it out when you need to: Track materials that are shipped by and to parties who work under DoD jurisdiction. If there is no copy of DD Form 1149 or it is not signed, the shipments are unavailable. The document consists of two pages that allow you to specify all the required information for shipment to begin. How to fill out DD Form 1149? Firstly, you will have to specify shipping address and delivery address in the required fields. The appropriations for the shipping is required. If there are certain priorities, dates, and if this information is listed in shipping instructions, you should also mention them. If not, just skip the 4th paragraph blank. Do not forget to mention the date of shipment. You will also have to specify the method. For example, if you want your shipment to be done by sea, you need to include the ports of the receiver. The list of all the transported materials is required. You will have to specify the approximate quantity, describe what kind of item you ship, name the price of the materials, etc. There is also a special handling charges section. The number and type of shipping containers should be specified. Do not forget to print a copy of the document. What organizations work with DD Form 1149? Department of Defense.
  • DD Form 1450
    What is a DD 1450 form? DoD Space Requirements Data (the fillable DD Form 1450) is a form issued by the US Department of Defence (DoD). The form can be filed by a department or an agency of the US army to report particular space requirements for a unit. The form can be followed by DoD Directive 5305.2 if present and may include an unlimited number of pages. Don’t confuse it with DA Form 1450. What I need the DD Form 1450 for? You need to fill out this army form blank in order to report the necessary requirements for a particular unit or a group of units who/that belong to a certain department or agency (including subdivisions) of the US army; The form is used to assess the current space utilization or to request the new space requirements; Use it with the DoD Space Occupancy Guide for the National Capital Region (DoD Instruction 5305.3). How to fill out DD Form 1450? Name the department/agency and subdivisions; Date the form and identify the filler and the approver; Fill all the boxes in columns b, d, and e in the Personnel section. The Indexes section is for OSD use only); Fill the boxes in columns b and c in the Space section; In the General section, state the unit’s current mission, provide the information from the Statement on Feasibility Relocation if available, and report any important additional factors that have to be considered for the identified unit. Consider the restrictions for each column to avoid including forbidden units, equipment. Consider reference square feet per item restrictions in the instructions. To download DD Form 1450 in PDF for free, you can use our form library after you sign up. Our online editor also lets you fill out and print this and other forms without downloading.  Organizations that work with DD Form 1450: The US Department of Defence; Executive Services Directorate.
  • DD Form 2326
    What is the blank DD Form 2326? The blank DD Form 2326 is called “Preservation and Packing Data” and is used to indicate the details on item’s packing data, supplemental data and special packaging data. What I need the blank DD Form 2326 for? To provide the United States Department of Defense with the details on item’s packing and preservation. How to fill out the blank DD Form 2326? The fillable blank DD Form 2326 consists of four main sections. In order to start filling out the form, it is necessary to enter the nomenclature, the design activity’s part number, the manufacturer’s cage code and the configuration item specification number. The first section of the printable blank DD Form 2326 is devoted to the item identification data. This section requires you to enter the “Doc Con”, the national stock number of the item, it’s length, weight, width, depth and the CAT. Several other item identification codes are also to be entered as well as the cage and the drawing part or number. The second section may be considered the main one as it is called “Preservation – Packing Data”. National stock numbers, the unit pack weight, the unit pack size, the unit pack cube are to be entered. There are also several code fields that are used to present all the detailed packing data. Section three is devoted to supplemental instructions, while the last section requires you to enter the special packaging instruction data. This includes the SPI number, the SPI date, the container national stock number and more. Organizations that work with the blank DD Form 2326 The United States Department of Defense
  • DD Form 2657
    What is a DD 2657 form? The DD Form 2657 is an official document (also called the Daily Statement of Accountability) used for reporting the activities of accountable disbursing officers. Since this paper deals with finances and spending money, you should be extremely careful when filling it out. What do I need the DD Form 2657 for? This blank is mandatory for all employees in the relevant position. An inspecting officer (-s) and other functional units can check the balance of the funds spent every day with its help. This PDF form was designed exclusively for use by accountable disbursing officers. Employees in other positions in the US Army do not have to fill it out. How to fill out DD Form 2657? Although the fillable DD Form 2657 is only two pages long, it has many lines and requires extra care when filling it online. In the first block, you need to specify the transactions that affect accountability. Fill in checks, deposits, payments information, and calculate accountability by the end of the day. The second part is devoted to determining the accountability distribution for the current business day. The third section should be completed by those disbursing officers who have to regulate the accounts of the previous DOs. In the fourth block, you need to summarize all the previous calculations, enter your personal data (name, grade, or rank), and sign it. In the fifth section, you should describe the distribution of cash held by cashiers, agents, and deputy DOs. When finished, download DD Form 2657 to your device. We provide the opportunity to print the form from the site or send it by email/fax to a recipient for free. Organizations that work with DD Form 2657 Department of Defense Department of the Treasury
  • DD Form 2481
    What is a DD 2481 form? DD Form 2481 is used to request US Army employees' debt to the state and gradually deduct the amount due from their salaries. It is a short two-page blank, half of which is occupied by the detailed instructions. Depending on the individual situation, documents may be required to prove the legality of collecting money. What do I need the DD Form 2481 for? Regardless of how you got a debt to the state, this free form is used for deducting the corresponding amounts from your salary in case you requested a hearing or did not respond to a demand for payment. Also, this PDF paper can be used as confirmation that your debt has already been paid off. The document applies exclusively to the US Army business and relates only to its employees. How to fill out DD Form 2481? This online form is filled out only by a creditor and the DFAS office; however, it specifies the personal data of an employee with debt. The first block contains the information about the paying office; the second one is about the employee (their name, address, date of birth, contact phone number, and SSN). The next part is devoted to a detailed statement of the debt reason, the calculation of the amount to be paid, and regular deductions. The responsible person should also indicate the reason for using the fillable DD Form 2481 (e.g., an employee requested a hearing) and attach the appropriate documents. The fifth block specifies the data of the organization that initiated this collection. When finished, download DD Form 2481 to your computer, send it to a recipient by email, or print it. Organizations that work with DD Form 2481 US Department of Defense DFAS
  • DD Form 2993
    DD Form 2993
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