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What Is an IRS Form 1040-NR 2023: The Outline

Form 1040-NR is a variation of the standard income tax Form 1040 that lets you file your income tax return to the IRS if you are a nonresident alien in the United States, and you receive income from business operations within the country. The form includes 5 pages and one schedule. You also have to file the form if you represent a deceased person who has been obliged to file 1040-NR or a trust/estate that has to file the form but can’t do it for a valid excuse.

What is new in 1040-NR 2023 - 2024

This year, you should consider the changes and remember that the gross income limitation has increased for a child or stepchild of a qualifying widow(er), a relative who qualifies for the tax credit of a child, and for entities who pay student loan interest deductions. The limit is now $4,200 instead of $4,150. Other changes include the AMT exemption amount increase, qualified disability trust exemption increase, and more.

For detailed information on the Form 1040-NR improvements, visit the official IRS website. For more details on filling out, read below. You can also use our website to download Form 1040-NR fillable PDF to print it or fill and file the entire form online. Now, let’s figure out how to do it correctly. We also have a fillable 1040 NR EZ available on our website. 

Tips for filling out 1040-NR Form and other tax returns

While you fill out the Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return you should follow the tips:

  • Be focused on the paper;
  • Read the entire form before filling it;
  • Double-check all the figures you enter;
  • Validate the form with your signature when it’s complete;
  • Hire a tax expert if the process seems too difficult. 

When is 1040-NR Due

When the form is complete, you have to file it to the IRS by mail or file online via e-mail. We recommend you to use the second option to deliver the form to the IRS faster and avoid accidental mail loss. As for the deadline, it is different from the original form 1040. Nonresident aliens who earn profits within the US during the financial year have to file 1040-NR on the 15th day of the 4th month after the main tax year last day. You have to check the due date for 2024 on the IRS website or on our tax calendar.

IRS Form 1040-NR Resources

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How to Fill Out Form 1040-NR?

Step 1: First of all, you should gather all the needed documents to get valid information from them. You need IRS forms W-2 and 1099 along with your personal information, such as your real name, actual address, Social Security Number (SSN), etc. Nonresidents may also be required to fill forms 8833, 8840, 8843, 8938, or one of them.

Step 2: Next, decide what filing status matches your current situation. You are allowed to apply for one or several statuses if needed, but it’s recommended to concentrate on one of them to cut tax liability. 

Step 3: Click the "Fill Out Form" button to start filling.

Step 4: Enter your information first.

Form 1040-NR filling step 4 screenshot

Step 5: Fill out the separate section for exemptions and one more for dependents’ information. You have to fill them if you have any.

Step 6: Provide all the needed information related to different types of income and necessary refunds. Be attentive to the captions for each box to avoid mistakes.

Form 1040-NR filling steps 5 and 6 screenshot

Step 7: In the Tax section, enter all the deductions and calculate totals to finish.

Step 8: Calculate whether you overpaid or if you owe something.

Step 9: Sign your 1040-NR by clicking on the "Sign Field" and add a date.

Form 1040-NR signing proccess

Step 10: Double-check the information and click "Done"

Form Versions

2022 Form 1040-NR for 2022 tax year Fill Out Form
2021 Form 1040-NR for 2021 tax year Fill Out Form
2020 Form 1040-NR for 2020 tax year Fill Out Form
2019 Form 1040-NR for 2019 tax year Fill Out Form

FAQ: 1040-NR Form Popular Questions

  • Where to send 1040-NR?

    The 1040-NR should be mailed to the IRS on the fallowing address:

    Internal Revenue Service

    P.O. Box 1303

    Charlotte, NC, 28201-1303, USA

  • Who files 1040 NR?

    The form 1040 NR can be filed by nonresident aliens (a person who has not passed the green card test or the substantial presence test and is not a U.S. citizen). 1040-NR can also be filed by a third party representative.

  • How to calculate my 1040 NR taxes manually?

    You can calculate your taxes using the form 1040-NR. Simply calculate your total taxable income in the first part of the form and use federal income tax brackets to calculate how much taxes you should pay. After that add to that amount other taxes that might apply to you and then enter the amount in the line 16.

Fillable online Form 1040-NR (2023)
(4.5 / 5) 53 votes
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