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What is Form 3520? 

IRS Form 3520 is an informational document used to report particular transactions with ownerships of foreign trusts, foreign trusts, or if you get some large gifts from people abroad. It is based on various reporting triggers related to the international asset’s nature.

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What do I need the 3520 tax form for?

  • If you make specified payments to a related foreign trust in exchange for an obligation, for example, transfer any assets;
  • In case you own any part of a foreign trust and get either direct or indirect distributions from it;
  • To report a large inheritance or gift from certain people overseas.

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Organizations that work with Form 3520

  • The IRS.

How to fill out Form 3520?

  1. Press the blue button above to get a fillable form template and conveniently complete it online.
  2. Put down the tax year.
  3. Enter the initial and final returns. Specify whether you are filing this blank for yourself, the executor, partnership, or corporation trust.
  4. Go through the lines and fill them out with the required information.
  5. Complete Part I on transfers by American individuals to a foreign trust throughout the current tax year. Fill out the relevant fields in Part I. 
  6. In Part II, you have to provide the foreign trust owner’s name, address, ID number, country tax, and appropriate code.
  7. Part III is related to distributions to a US citizen from a foreign trust throughout the current tax year.
  8. Fill out Part IV if you received any gifts or bequests from foreign citizens during the current tax year. 
  9. Click the red Done button and save the finished printable PDF file on your PC.

Fillable online Form 3520
(5 / 5) 57 votes
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