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95 Department of Defense Templates

  • Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Information
    Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Information
  • Request and Authorization for TDY Travel
    Request and Authorization for TDY Travel
  • Victim Reporting Preference Statement
    Victim Reporting Preference Statement
  • DoD Operations Security (OPSEC) Program
    The online DoD Operations Security (OPSEC) Program document is an instruction for Army, Navy, Space Force, Air Force, and Marine Corps. The program is applied to create a process for critical information identification and determining whether any friendly actions can be perceived by adversary systems. What I need the OPSEC Program Document for? This OPSEC Program Document is usually used for Military Departments (including the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Joint Staff, the Combatant Commands, the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, and all other organizational entities within the Department of Defense). This program is developed to protect important data leakage, therefore the document provides requirements to avoid possible losses. You can use PDFLiner to download the DoD Operations Security (OPSEC) Program document and print out the PDF easily. Organizations that work with OPSEC Program Document Department of Defense
  • DD Form 884
    What is DD Form 884? Fillable DD Form 884 is required for transportation of dependents and other close relatives who are supported by the applicant. The blank includes details such as departure and arrival address, car details, dependents' status, and other travel details. The form is to be completed within the country and when arriving outside the country. The form was developed and updated by the U.S. Department of Defense in 2010.  What do I need the DD Form 884 for? Not only should you know how to fill out this document, but you should also know what is a DD Form 884. Use it for the following purposes: When transporting dependents; When crossing borders with dependents and caregivers. Before you download DD Form 884, please read the rules of filling. How to fill out DD Form 884? You may have problems transporting dependents if you do not know how to fill out DD Form 884. This document contains several sections: Document Data. Data about the applicant's name and address of transportation (where to and from). Data about the transport used in the transportation. Details of all dependents who are being transported in the specified transport. In addition, the form must be provided with the personal documents of all those named in the document. To fill out the document online in PDF, you only need to enter the data from the above sections. Then you will be able to print the document and use it for any purpose.  Organizations that work with DD Form 884 Police, Transportation Police, U.S. Department of Defense, Border Patrol. 
  • Report of Medical History
    What is the Report of Medical History? Report of Medical History is a document that is used by the Department of Defence. The form helps the organization to get more information about the medical condition of a person that wishes to join the US Armed Forces. What I need a Report of Medical History for? You will have to fill out Report of Medical History in order to: Provide the Department of Defence (DoD) with the required information about your medical state. You must fill out the form if you wish to join the US Armed Forces. If the information was given incorrectly, the process of considering the application will be delayed. How to fill out a Report of Medical History? Note that if you answer untruthfully you will have to face criminal charges. Start writing your full name, address, telephone number and date of filling the form. Do not forget to mention your social security number. The postal code is required. Write the purpose of your examination and branches you want to apply for. Report of Medical History requires you to mention all the allergies you have. Provide the full information about your medical history. The names of doctors and hospitals are required. After the examination, you might add some additional information. Your signature is required. Organizations that work with Report of Medical History Department of Defence.
  • Motor Equipment Utilization Record
    What is a Motor Equipment Utilization Record form? Motor Equipment Utilization Record is used for monitoring the operation of various types of vehicles (from generators and loading equipment to military transportations) that the government owns. It is also called DD Form 1970 and is used by the US Department of Defense. What do I need the Motor Equipment Utilization Record for? The blank helps track who, when, and how long has been using certain equipment or vehicles owned and registered by the government. This PDF paper is a documented confirmation that this or that transport was on an official or business trip. The paper can only be completed online by individuals (dispatchers and operators) authorized to use vehicles owned by the government. How to fill out Motor Equipment Utilization Record? Fillable Motor Equipment Utilization Record consists of two pages and does not require a lot of data from a placeholder: At the top of the table, you should indicate the date of completion, equipment type, its number, and organization name. Next, operators' names and signatures are entered, as well as the exact time when the vehicle was used, hours and miles. Also, the paper should be signed by the dispatcher who transferred the equipment. The rest of the table's place is dedicated to indicating destinations and time of equipment usage. The additional column "Remarks" should specify abnormal occurrences during use if any. You can download Motor Equipment Utilization Record to your device, print it, and email it at your request for free without leaving our website. Organizations that work with Motor Equipment Utilization Record
  • Appointment_Termination Record
    Appointment/Termination Record
  • DoD Telework Agreement
    DoD Telework Agreement
  • DD Form 93
    What is the blank DD Form 93? The blank DD Form 93 is called “Record of Emergency Data” and is used by the personnel of the United States Department of Defense to provide the emergency contacts, designate the beneficiaries for the events of death and more. What I need the blank DD Form 93 for? As military personnel of the Department of Defense to designate the beneficiaries for events of death and provide the DoD with the emergency contact information; As civilian personnel of the DoD to provide the DoD with the emergency contact information. How to fill out the blank DD Form 93? The printable blank DD Form 93 consists of 4 pages and 2 main sections. Pages 3 and 4 are completely devoted to the detailed instructions on filling out the form. It is necessary to read these instructions carefully as they indicate, which parts of the form are applicable to civilian personnel and which are filled out only by military personnel. The first section of the fillable blank DD Form 93 is devoted to the emergency contact information. It has 10 fields to be filled out with all the necessary details. Fields 1 to 3 are used for identification and require you to enter your name, social security number and select the service or civilian category. Fields 4 to 7 are devoted to the contact information and require you to enter the contacts of your wife, children, father and mother. The information includes names, relationships, dates of birth, addresses and telephone numbers. Field 8 requires you to select, which person you wish not to identify due to ill health and which person you wish to identify instead. Field 9 requires you to enter the designated person(s) and enter their addresses. Field 10 is used to state the contracting agency and its telephone number. Section 2 is called “benefits related information” and is filled out by choosing beneficiaries for death gratuity, for unpaid pay/allowances, person to direct disposition and their contact information as well as the percentages of the corresponding benefits. There is also a field for remarks and several fields for your signature and the signature of the witness to be filled out. Organizations that work with the blank DD Form 93 The United States Department of Defense.
  • DD Form 2919
    DD Form 2919
  • DD Form 2088
    DD Form 2088
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