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What is a Horse Boarding Contract Template?

The contract for boarding horses is widely used among horse owners and stable owners. This is an official agreement between two parties for the boarding of the horse. It binds both, stables and owners legally to provide and receive services. A stable owner boards the horse during a specific amount of time indicated in the horse boarding contract template. The horse owner transfers the horse to the stable and pays the money for this procedure. The sum is discussed between the two parties in advance.

This is a document that allows the horse owner to rent the stalls for a specific period of time. It is widely used by horse owners who don’t have stalls and need to take care of their horses. Stalls owners can provide extra services, including extra care for the horse based on the agreement. Usually, it includes the day-to-day care procedures in the basic template. You need to agree upon the services that can be received and provided. The form is legal and can be accepted in court.

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What I need the Horse Boarding Contract Template for?

  • As a stall owner you need this contract for horse boarding to make sure that your services will be protected by the law. Once you provide the place for the horse to stay, as well as the daily care, you expect to receive payment for this service. This agreement is the insurance you have from any surprises and unpredictable situations;
  • As the horse owner you need boarding contract horses to make sure that the payment you send to the stall owner is used for the daily care of your horse and that it's staying in the stalls. You have to make sure that the horse has its own place and that all the services are provided to it.

If the owner would like to purchase one of the horses that are already boarded you can use a Horse Bill of Sale Template instead.

How to Fill Out Horse Boarding Contract Template?

The horse board contract can be found on PDFLiner. This is the standard template you can extend with different services your company provides. You can add the logo of your company as well to promote it. However, you can still use the classic version, filling the gaps with the information that is required. To do it, just enter the form, and begin to complete it.

Once you do, you can print it and hand it to the other party, save it on your device and send an electronic copy, or you may use regular mail if you want. However, regular mail takes longer to deliver. Both parties have to sign this agreement. Here is what you need to include in the boarding horses contract:

  1. Fill in the date of the agreement is made;
  2. Name the owner of the stable and the horse owner;
  3. Provide the address of the horse owner;
  4. Describe the fees, and location in terms of the agreement. Provide the exact amount of the fee that must be paid per month by the owner. Agree upon deadline;
  5. Describe the horse, including name, color, age, breed, registration, sex, and number. If the horse has insurance, name the carrier and the phone number;
  6. Discuss the facilities that are provided and the food;
  7. Include the information on the vaccination. Make sure you include them in the price list if the stable provide such services;
  8. Provide emergency contacts;
  9. Discuss the stable rules;
  10. Include the special instructions that the owner can provide to the stable if there are any;
  11. Sign the agreement, including the phone and date.

Fill Horse Boarding Contract Template on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Horse Boarding Contract Template

  • Any stables around the US and horse owners.
Fillable online Horse Boarding Contract Template
(5 / 5) 56 votes
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