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A Comprehensive Guide to Filling Out Form RF656 for Real Estate Transactions

Documentation is crucial in real estate transactions to ensure all parties are aligned and the process is seamless. One of the key documents in this context is the notification form rf656. 

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Understanding Form RF656

Before delving into the specifics of filling out the form, it's crucial to understand what the Form RF656 is and its purpose. Designed for use in the real estate industry, the Form RF656 Notification serves as a formal communication tool between buyers and sellers within a transaction. It covers a range of notifications such as loan applications, waiver of contingencies, and disclosures of material defects, among others. Understanding each section and the circumstances under which you need to complete it is the first step towards proper compliance.

The Importance of Accurate Completion

Accurately completing the RF 656 Notification is not just a matter of bureaucratic compliance—it has actual implications on the real estate transaction process. Errors or omissions can lead to misunderstandings, delays, or even the termination of an agreement. Therefore, ensuring that every piece of information is correctly entered and that the relevant boxes are checked according to your specific transaction details is crucial.

How to Fill Out

Filling out the Form RF656 requires attention to detail and an understanding of your current status within the real estate transaction mentioned. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Begin by identifying the notifying party by checking the appropriate box at the top of the form: whether it's a notification from the buyer to the seller or the other way around.
  2. Enter the Binding Agreement Date, which refers to the date on which both parties agreed to the terms of the purchase and sale agreement.
  3. Provide the complete address of the real estate property involved in the transaction.
  4. Move through the checklist of notifications, checking the box next to the statement that applies to your situation. Provide any required additional information, such as the lender's name and contact information, details about the appraisal, or specifics regarding any discovered material defects.
  5. If applicable, attach any required documentation, such as proof of available funds, loan denial documentation, or a list of specified objections discovered during inspections.
  6. Review the form to ensure that all information is accurate and that all necessary sections are completed based on the transaction's specifics.


Filling out the RF 656 real estate Notification Form accurately is essential for a smooth real estate transaction. Remember, this form is not just a piece of paperwork; it's a vital part of ensuring transparency and trust in real estate transactions.

Fillable online Form RF656 Notification
(4.7 / 5) 51 votes
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